Activity Report

Calls for Service 3/15/11


Officers responded to the area of Wallace Street for a domestic that was occurring between a mother and daughter.  No complaints were signed at this time but DYFS was notified and will be continuing with the case.

Officers responded to the CVS for a theft complaint.  The investigation revealed that a black male approached a woman sitting in her car and asked her for money.  When the woman said she didn’t have money the male said he was going to get in her car.  The woman then went into her purse and gave the male a twenty dollar bill.  The male was in a black pickup truck, older model, with rust marks on the rear passenger side quarter panel.  The male was also described as being in his early thirties, bald, wearing baggy jeans and a red “hoody” sweatshirt. 

Officers responded to Broad and Cooper, outside of the Family Court Building, for an assault complaint.  Officers talked to the victim and filed a report with all involved in the incident identified.  Complaints were signed.


Calls for Service 3/14/11


Officers responded to Underwood Memorial Hospital for a harassment complaint.  Upon arrival the officers found that female called her boyfriend because her dad brought her to the hospital for drug testing.  When the boyfriend found out the police were called he left the area.  Complaints may be pending.

Officers took a report of fraud at Canal’s Liquor Store.  On two occasions, by two different people, two different stolen credit cards were used.  The management of the store was notified of the fraudulent activity by Fraud Analysis Report from Merchant Services.  The transactions were caught on video and the investigation is continuing.

Officers responded to HQ for an unruly customer at the Municipal Court window.  Officers spoke with all parties involved and calmed the situation.  Complaints were signed.

A male was stopped by officers on Conrail property just off of N Broad St. near Dare St.  He was advised he was on private property and given a warning that he could be charged with Trespassing if caught again. 


Calls for Service


Officers observed a female with a brown liquid in a clear water bottle at the intersection of S. Broad St. near Centre.  It was discovered that the liquid was an alcoholic beverage and the female was charged accordingly.

Officers responded to the area Curtis Street for a burglary.  Several items were stolen from the resident.  It appears that there was not a forced entry.  Investigation is continuing.

Officers responded to the 300 block of Cooper Street for a burglary complaint.  Officers spoke to the victim.  Several items were stolen, mostly jewelry.  Officers went to Cash for Gold to see if the stolen items were sold to the store.  They were and melted down.  There is a suspect and the investigation is continuing.

While on patrol officers found a male in the parking lot of Canal’s Liquor Store with an open 12 oz. Bud Light bottle of beer.  The male was charged accordingly.


Officers were contacted by the Burglary victim from Curtis Avenue about the recovery of stolen items.  A family member admitted to the theft.  The items were recovered from the Cash for Gold Store for the same amount they sold them for.

Officers responded to S Evergreen near Captain’s Corner for a medical assist.  A female, who appeared to be suffering from possible alcohol poisoning, was being put in an ambulance for medical treatment.  Her boyfriend, who also appeared to be intoxicated, became disorderly was arrested and charged accordingly.

Officers responded to Domino’s for a criminal mischief complaint.  That business had eggs thrown at it.  Officers searched the area and found the suspects operating a silver vehicle.  The occupants of the vehicle were charged and turned over to Woodbury Heights for a similar incident in their town.

Officers responded to Quest Diagnostics for a burglary.  Detectives responded and processed the scene.  After receiving the list of items stolen from an employee, an officer found a subject on N. Evergreen with an item that was stolen.  That subject was arrested and charged.


Calls for Service


A male was observed urinating near Wawa on Redbank.  He was charged and released.

Officers responded to the area of Lafayette for a resident who was possibly suicidal.  Upon further investigation it was determined that the resident was not but was referred to assisting agencies.

Officers responded to Underwood Memorial Hospital for a theft complaint.  An employee had their wallet stolen from the break room.  Hospital security is assisting in the investigation.

Officers responded to the area of North Broad Street for a disturbance.  The residence was a rental property and there was a disturbance.  Follow-up is continuing.

Officer assisted at H.Q with a custody dispute.

Officers responded to the area of United Check Cashing for an intoxicated male.  The male was found and arrested for various warrants issued from various municipal courts.  The male was also charged with being in possession of CDS (controlled dangerous substance).  He was lodged in the Gloucester County Jail.

Officers responded to Leeds Place for a complaint of trash and debris around a house.  Warnings were given to the rental property owner.

During a car stop officers wound up arresting a female for multiple arrest warrants issued from multiple municipal courts.

Officers took a report of a stolen temporary tag from a victim’s car.  The incident occurred in the 100 Block of Cooper Street.

Officers spoke with a female that wished to report that a person she had a protective order from in Philadelphia violated the order in Woodbury.  Complaints are pending against the violator.


Calls for Service


Officers responded to Redbank Avenue and N Broad Street for a fight.  After further investigation it was learned that there was in fact a robbery that occurred.  A report was taken from the victim and the accused was found and charged criminally then lodged in the Gloucester County Jail.

Officers responded to the area of North Broad Street for a heated domestic.  The altercation was a verbal argument and both parties were sent on their way.

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