Activity Report

Calls for Service 3/24/11


While on a car stop officers arrested a subject for an outstanding warrant issued from Camden Municipal Court.  The stop was in the area of South Broad Street.  He was transported to Camden City.

Officers arrested a subject for outstanding warrants issued from Vineland and Buena Vista Municipal Courts.  Officers made contact with this subject on a car stop on North Broad Street.  He was turned over to Vineland Pd.

Officers responded to a call of a suspicious vehicle in the area of S Bayard.  The caller reported a car backed into her driveway and rang her doorbell.  As she looked out her window the subject drove away suddenly.  A description was given and the patrols searched the area.  The vehicle was not found but the squads were advised of the activity.

Officers responded to the area of Cooper and Bayard for a theft of trash recycle bin.  Information was given on the suspect vehicle.

Officers took a report of theft from a subject that came to HQ.  The victim reported that someone stole his bag from the bus stop on North Broad Street when he left it momentarily to go to McDonald’s.  Various items were in the bag.  Investigation is continuing.

Officers met with a subject at HQ for a report of threats and harassment.  They were informed by the victim that another subject, whom the victim knows, made several threatening phone calls that were threatening in nature.  He also relayed that one threat was made in person.  Complaints may be pending.

Officers met with a Senior Probation Officer to share information in regards to an individual on probation.  Information could not be verified and the Probation Officer will be taking the necessary actions and turning the case over to their enforcement division. 


Calls for Service 3/22/11


Officers responded to HQ for a theft complaint.  They spoke with the victim and gathered the necessary information for a police report.  The victim had items stolen from outside his residence on Washington Avenue.

Officers responded to Master Linen Rental, Morris and Logan, for a burglary.  Unknown actors stole items from inside that business.  Investigation is continuing.

Officers responded to the area of Tatum Street for a vacant house that may have people in it.  Upon arrival the house was found to be empty.  The owners were contacted and the residence was secured.

Officers responded to HQ to meet with a runaway female that wished to turn herself in.  She ran away from her home in Gloucester Township.  The police department was contacted and the necessary information was taken to clear her from all search data bases.

Officers responded to the area of East Barber Avenue, near Leeds, for a burglary and theft.  Officers spoke with the victim who reported that unknown people entered his rental property and stole copper piping.  The investigation is continuing.

Officers responded to Laurel Street near Cooper for a burglary.  Although someone entered the residence illegally, the owner did not think that anything was taken.  Investigation is continuing.

Officers met with a male at United Check Cashing for a stolen check complaint.  Officers took the report from the victim.

Officers met with a male in reference to a property dispute involving a divorce at HQ.  Because there is a Court Order in effect, the information was taken and a report was filed.

Officers took a report from an individual who had his car illegally entered on Wick Blvd.  Although it did not appear anything was taken, the individual wished to make it a matter of record.


Calls for Service 3/21/11


During a business check officers found a male subject on private property collecting scrap.  The male was charged with defiant trespassing for being on the property without permission.

A male subject was arrested on a warrant issued by Gloucester County Sheriff’s Office for child support.  The subject was stopped for improperly crossing at a crosswalk by bike patrol officers on Broad at Curtis.

Officers responded to the area of Rugby Place for a missing person.  Information was gathered and a broadcast was put out over the radio and NCIC computer.  The subject was found 3 hours later and removed from the NCIC computer.

Officers responded to HQ for a harassment complaint.  The information was taken from the victim and she was given the opportunity to sign a complaint.

Officers stopped a male that had an open alcoholic container near the intersection of Redbank and Broad.  He was charged accordingly and released.

Officers contacted Parke Bank for building maintenance issues.  A representative from the bank said they would take care of the problems.

Officers contacted the owner of Town and Country Car Wash for building maintenance issues.  They have 10 day to rectify the circumstances.

Officers arrested a male subject in Bell Lake Apartments for an outstanding warrant out of Maple Shade Municipal Court.  He could not post bail and was transported to Maple Shade.


3/18-20/11 Calls for Service


Officers responded to Advanced Auto Parts for a shoplifting complaint.  A male left the store with multiple items.  After store personnel gave a description the male was located on Lafayette near Stuart Street.  After identification was given by store personnel the subject was transported to HQ and charged with shoplifting.

Officers responded to Jackson Street in the area of High for a possible assault.  Officers spoke with the parents of a set of juveniles that were involved.  After getting their side the officers found the instigating side of the incident.  Information was taken and complaints may be pending.

Officers responded to the area of South Broad Street for a domestic violence situation between a mother and daughter.  Paperwork was filed and both parties were given the opportunity to sign complaints. 

Officers responded to Lyman Avenue to speak with a resident about a burglary.  That resident had his shed broken into.  There were items missing.  It is unknown when the burglary occurred because the resident does not remember the last time he was in the shed.

Officers responded to HQ to take a report of a domestic violence incident.  Information was given and the victim was given the opportunity to get a restraining order.  The judge granted the restraining order and the other party involved will be notified.  The victim lives in Woodbury and the accused lives in Mullica Hill.

Officers responded to Newpoint Behavioral Health for an unruly patient.  The patient caused some damage and left the area.  Complaints may be pending.


Officers responded to Captain’s Corner for a dispute in the parking lot.  Patrons, believed to be intoxicated, got into an altercation which resulted in arrests.

Officers responded to HQ for a child custody dispute.  Officers met with the parent and made a report for family court purposes. 


Officers responded to Progress Avenue for a criminal mischief complaint.  A resident had his car window broken in.  Actors were not seen and it did not appear to have anything taken out of it.

Officers responded to East Barber for an assault.  A male was punched in the face by another male because of a broken agreement.  Investigation is continuing and complaints may be pending.

Officers responded to a residence on E Centre Street for a landlord/tenant dispute.  The dispute was settled by officers at this time and complaints were not signed by anyone involved.

Officers contacted Parke Bank about building maintenance issues for Country Club property. 



Calls for Service 3/16/11


During a motor vehicle stop the driver was arrested for active warrants out of Woodbury Municipal Court.  The stop occurred on Delaware Street.

Officers were dispatched to Underwood Memorial Hospital for a disturbance.  The officers were met by hospital security and were advised that they had an unruly psychiatric patient.  Officers assisted in restraining the patient and were spit on and called derogatory names.  They were also threaten with bodily harm.  The patient was charged accordingly.

Officers arrested a subject on South Broad Street for an active warrant out of Pennsauken Municipal Court.  The male subject was operating his bike improperly and was stopped for that reason.

A male subject was charged for trespassing for being in a city park after posted hours.  The park is located at South and East Barber Avenue.

Officer responded to HQ for a report of an assault which occurred between juveniles.  The School Resource Officer will be investigation further and complaints may be pending.

A male subject was charged with a Municipal Ordinance violation for urinating in public on Allens Lane.

Officers responded to the area of Smallwood Place for a harassment complaint.  All involved where spoken to and complaints by each side may be pending.

Officers took a report at HQ for a male subject that lost his bag containing personal belongings at one of the bus stops in town.  Searches of the areas were negative.

Officers responded to J & D Liquors for shoplifting complaint.  An unknown male left without paying for a bottle of Jose Cuervo.  A picture of the subject was taken by the surveillance system and the investigation is continuing. 

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