Activity Report

Calls for Service 3/31/11


Officers went to Wawa for a female shouting profanities and causing a disturbance.  The female was observed by officers causing the disturbance and was charged and released at the scene.  She was escorted off the property.

Officers responded to the bus stop in front of the station for a bias incident.  Three white males in a gold color pick-up truck drove pass the bus stop and yelled a racial epithet at a black male.  A description of the vehicle went out to patrols, but because so much time had passed between the incident and when the victim reported it to the officers, the accused were not found.

Officer met with employees of Canal’s for a shoplifting complaint.  The shoplifter left the area on foot.  This shoplifter was also identified by the employees as being the same shoplifter earlier in the week.  A description was given and patrols searched the area.  A male matching the description was found on Tanyard Road near Gateway High School.  He was then identified by employees and also found to have several outstanding warrants.  He was lodged in the Gloucester County Jail for the warrants and the shoplifting.

Officers went to Woodlake to assist on a well being check.  Forced entry had to be made by Apartment staff.  The tenant was found deceased.  There were no signs of foul play.  Appropriate people were contacted.


Calls for Service 3/30/11


Officers responded to E Centre Street for a disturbance.  As officers arrived they could clearly hear a female was yelling profanities.  Once the apartment was located from which the female was yelling the profanities, she was identified and complaints signed against her by the officers.

Officers were called to Aberdeen for a criminal mischief complaint.  The victim was located and information was gathered about the incident.  The officers investigation lead to the accused in the incident and an arrest was made with complaints signed.

Officer went to Canal’s on South Evergreen for a shoplifting complaint.  The employees described the incident to responding officers.  There is video of the incident and our investigation is continuing.

At HQ, officer met with a mother who wished to report her child was missing.  The mom gave information which was related to patrols for a search.  The mom also related that the incident may be a result of the child getting in trouble at school.  The child was located and removed from NCIC.

Officers met with a resident who related that her landlord was receiving letters indicating that she was committing crimes within the apartment.  The letters were anonymous but she believed the letters were to the landlord for some type of revenge.  Investigation is at a standstill unless more information is obtained.

Officers took a report of criminal mischief at residence on Hopkins Street.  At unknown actor caused damage to a parked vehicle.  A report of the incident was taken.

Officers met with a West Deptford officer to take custody of an individual who was arrested in their town on our active warrant.  The subject was released with the assistance of a bail bonds man.

Officers came to HQ to take a report of a lost wallet.  The victim gave the information necessary for a report which was filed by the officer.

Officers responded to Family Dollar for a shoplifting complaint.  Employees detained a man that had several items on him which were concealed in an attempt to leave the store without paying.  Officers took the necessary information and the subject was arrested and charged.

Officers responded to Walgreen’s for a shoplifter in custody at the store.  Officers met with employees and gathered the information pertaining to the incident.  The female the employees had in custody was arrested and charged with shoplifting.


Calls for Service 3/29/11


Officers responded to Underwood Memorial Hospital for a disturbance in the ER parking lot.  Upon arrival officers observed two men involved in a verbal confrontation.  Officers calmed the situation.  One of the men was at the ER to be treated, the other was pedestrian on Oak Street.  A breach of peace ordinance violation was signed.

Officers met with a motorist at HQ to discuss a traffic incident.  A female driver nearly ran into another driver at the intersection of Barber and Lupton.  One of the drivers did not obey the stop sign.  Information was gathered and report was taken.  No complaints were signed at this time.

A male subject, who was familiar to patrol officers, was arrested on Hopkins Street for active warrants issued by West Deptford. 

Officers responded to a residence on Myrtle Avenue for a well being check.  In speaking with the resident, the officers contacted EMS and had the elderly female resident transported to Underwood Memorial Hospital for treatment.

While on patrol officers stopped a vehicle on Broad Street near Newton.  The operator was suspended and had an active warrant.  He was arrested and transported to HQ.

While monitoring traffic on Jackson near Centre, an officer observed a vehicle not come to a complete stop at the stop sign and was following a vehicle too closely.  The officer stopped the vehicle and found that the driver was suspended and had active warrants.  He was arrested and transported to HQ.

Officers responded to an apartment in Woodlake for a theft complaint.  Officers spoke with the victim and took the necessary information for a report.  There was a suspect listed and complaints may be pending.


Calls for service 3/28/11


Officers responded to the area of North Evergreen, 500 Block, for a screaming female.  Upon arrival they were met by a female and male that were having an argument.  Both were advised to keep the level down or face charges.  No further action.

Officers responded to HQ for a child custody dispute.  Upon arrival the dispute turned into a possible abuse investigation.  Investigation is continuing.

Officer responded to County property behind HQ for a possible theft.  Responding officers found subjects attempting to take light standards that belong to the County.  They believed the lights were trash and they were going to scrap them.  Complaints were signed.

A male subject was stopped on Conrail property for trespassing.  He was charged and released pending court.

A male subject was stopped on North Broad Street for failing to use the crosswalk.  Upon investigation it was found that he had active warrants out of Camden Municipal Court.  He was charged with the traffic summons and released by Camden for the warrants.

Officers responded to the 600 block of North Broad for a female threatening to break out a window of a residence.  Officers found both parties involved and ultimately arrested both for active warrants out Camden and Brooklawn.  The female was also charged with Disorderly Conduct.  The incident began because the female believed the male owed her money.

Officers received a report from High School staff for a complaint about graffiti.  A report was taken along with pictures.  Investigation is continuing.

The School Resource Officer took a report of three students who have violated the school’s truancy policy.  Complaints were signed.

Officers observed a male urinating on a tree in the area of 565 N Evergreen Avenue.  That subject was also found to have active arrest warrants.  He was arrested for the warrants and charged with urinating in public.


Calls for service 3/25-27/11


Officers responded to the area of Crescent Avenue for a criminal mischief complaint.  Officers met with the victim who reported that someone broke out a basement window.

Officers responded to the area of Leeds Place for a report of a runaway juvenile.  Information was recorded and added to the NCIC computer with a description of the juvenile. 

Officers met with an employee of Liberty Tax Return to take a report of a stolen cell phone.  Information was gathered along with a possible suspect.  Investigation is continuing.

Officers responded to the Underwood Memorial Hospital Emergency Room for a 911 call.  A male called to expedite a friend’s admission into the ER.  After investigation it was found out that the caller was not permitted on hospital property for a prior issue and was arrested for trespassing.    His friend was treated for his ailment.

A female was stopped by officers on South Broad Street because she was pushing a shopping cart.  The cart was taken from the former IGA, or Golden Mango,  which violates Municipal Ordinance.  It was also found that the female had an active warrant out of Woodbury Municipal Court.

Officers responded to Bell Lake Apartments for a theft complaint.  The victim related that license plates from his friend’s car were stolen off of his car.  Information was taken and the plates were entered into NCIC.

Officers met with a Woodbridge Police Officer to take custody of an individual that they arrested who had multiple active warrants out for his arrest.  The largest warrant was ours for $1500.  He was placed in the Gloucester County Jail.


A male subject was stopped and charged with trespassing in the area of Woodbury Court Apartments.  He had previously been banned from the property and had been warned on several occasions.  He was charged and released on a special complaint.

A male was stopped on Allen’s Lane for being in possession of an open alcoholic container.  He was charged and released pending court.

Officers responded to Underwood Memorial Hospital for a harassment/threats complaint.  They spoke to a female employee who related that a patient became upset with her and began to yell profanities at her.  Along with the profanities she threaten bodily harm.  The patient was charged.

Officers responded to HQ to talk with a female about a child custody dispute.  A report was taken.

Officers responded to an apartment complex because one of the residents reported they had no power to 911.  The resident, who has a history of calling 911 for non emergent emergencies, said their apartment was without power because a circuit tripped.  The officers noticed lights in the residence on.  They cleared the call and charged the individual with disorderly conduct for the non emergency emergency.


A male subject was stopped on Broad near Aberdeen for against the light at Broad and Barber.  He was issued summons for that and in the course of the investigation it was learned that he had active warrants out of several municipal courts.  He was released on his own recognizance from all courts.

Officers took a report of counterfeit bills being passed at Capn’s Corner.  Investigation is continuing.

A female was arrested on Broad near Redbank for disorderly conduct when she was originally stopped for crossing the street against the traffic signal.  She also had an open container of beer and became agitated when questioned for her ID.  The tirade of profanities lead to the Disorderly charge. 

Officers took a report of domestic violence at HQ.  Complaints and restraining order were issued

Officers responded to Bell Lake Apartments for a suspicious vehicle complaint.  Officers found the vehicle and charged all occupants with trespassing as they had no legitimate reason to be there.  The person they said they were there to see did not reside there as per property management.  They were released pending court.

Officers responded to CVS for a possible shoplifting.  Employees pointed out the subject and with some investigation it was learned that the subject was in fact attempting to shoplift and also had active warrants issued from Greenwich Twp. Court.  He was arrested and charged accordingly.

Officers responded to S Columbia for a parking dispute.  Both parties were met and talked to.  No complaints were signed at this time.

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