Activity Report

Calls for Service 4/9-11/11


A male who was looking into a closed business was stopped due to his suspicious behavior at Heritage on North Broad.  After investigation he was arrested on active warrants issued by Brooklawn.

Officers responded to Carpenter Street for a male that was shot with a paint ball gun.  The paint pellet was orange in color.  No description was given to the dark and the inability to see.  A check of the area was negative for anyone with a paint ball gun.

Officers responded to a bullying complaint in the area of North Broad near Walnut.  Officers took the report and searched the area for the accused.  There was no immediate threat and the accused were not located.  The case is being turned over to the School Resource Officer.

Housing officer Pitzo contacted property management about ongoing tenant problems in Woodbury Court Apartments.  Complaints may be pending.

Housing officer Pitzo contacted a property owner about their unregistered rental property on Hendrickson.  Complaints may be pending.

Officers responded to the construction site on Hunter Street for a theft complaint.  One of the employees reported that a laptop computer was stolen out of a construction trailer.  There is video so the investigation is continuing.

Housing Officer Pitzo spoke with property management of Woodbury Court Apartments about a supposed tenant.  The tenant is not on any tenant lists.  Complaints may be pending.


Officers responded to the area of Town Liquors for a male with his pants around his ankles.  Investigation revealed that he was intoxicated and in possession of an open alcoholic container.  He was charged and then transported to Underwood Memorial Hospital for his condition by EMS.

Officers responded to the area of the vacant Polsky’s store for a possible dog fight.  Upon arrival there was no evidence of the dog fight but there were two different groups of males in the area with two different dogs.  They were dispersed with both owners being charged with having an unlicensed dog.  One of the males was also charged with Obstructing and Resisting.

Officers responded to the area of Bell Lake Apartments for a dispute with possible gun involvement.  The investigation revealed that there was no gun but one of the actors in the dispute had active warrants issued by several municipal courts.  He was arrested for those warrants and disorderly conduct.

Officers responded to Deptford Avenue area for a domestic violence assault complaint.  Upon arrival there were no signs of violence and both parties denied physical violence and relayed that there was a verbal confrontation.  Parties were separated and they both refused complaints or restraining orders.

Housing officer Pitzo contacted the owner of a rental property on Curtis for and expired rental license.

Officers met with a resident at HQ to take custody of firearms.  He no longer wanted them in his house and apparently didn’t wish to sell them.  We took custody and submitted a report.

Officers responded to Washington Avenue for a tree that fell across the street.  Public works was contacted.


Officers responded to South Maple for a family dispute.  Officers mediated and left the residence without further incident.

Officers observed while on patrols a group of loud males hanging out in front of a residence in the 600 block of North Broad.  One of the males had an open alcoholic container on public property.  He was charged and they were advised to keep the noise level down.

Officers responded to HQ to meet with a victim of theft and violation of restraining order.  The victim gave the information needed to officers for complaints to be issued.  A warrant for the accused was issued by the Judge.

Officers were called to Heritage on North Broad Street for a disorderly person’s complaint.  They met with employees that pointed out the person creating the problems on their property.  The accused was charged and notified he is no longer allowed on Heritage property.  Trespassing complaints will be signed if he returns.

Officers stopped a vehicle on West Centre near Spring for driving through the detour on Delaware.  The investigation revealed that the driver had active warrants out for his arrest.  He was arrested and issued tickets.

Officers responded to Carriage House Apartments for a male that punched a hole in an apartment window.  The male was not found and management was contacted to repair the hole.  An investigation report was completed.

Officers responded to the area of Dickerson for a dispute.  Two females were involved in a physical altercation involving a male during a child custody exchange.  It resulted in complaints and domestic violence report.

Officers stopped a male on West Street near Morris as he was staggering and appeared to be highly intoxicated.  The officer’s investigation revealed that the male had active warrants issued by Glassboro so he was arrested.  During the arrest it was found that he was also in possession of marijuana.  He was charged accordingly.



Calls for Service 4/7/11


Officers responded to Garden State Fuel on North Broad Street for a theft complaint.  The employee related to the officers that 3 black males in a blue Ford Mustang pulled in and asked to have the tank filled.  Once filled, the car fled without paying.  The vehicle left northbound on North Broad.  Investigation is continuing.

An officer, while on patrol, observed two males on Conrail property.  He stopped to question them about being on private property.  Further investigation revealed that the subjects were wanted on active warrants issued by various municipal courts.  They were arrested.  While being arrested one of the males was found to be in possession of marijuana and was charged accordingly.

Officers responded to TD Bank for a fraud complaint.  Upon arrival officers were advised that a vehicle in the last lane of the drive through were using a savings book that was stolen and was withdrawing money fraudulently.  Officers found and arrested the occupants. 

Officers responded to Hess Avenue for a dog running free.  They found the dog that was running free and watched it run into the yard it belonged.  Complaints may be pending.

Officers responded to Tatum Street for a possible shooting.  The gun in question wound up being a pellet gun and the shooting involved a domestic violence situation.  The accused was arrested and charged accordingly.  Temporary Restraining Order was also issued against the accused by the judge.


Calls for Service 4/6/11


Officers responded to Underwood Memorial Hospital for an individual that dialed 911.  He did so because he needed a ride.  After admitting that his issue was a nonemergency and he didn’t know who else to call he dialed 911, he was charged and released.

Officers took reports of residences with debris and maintenance issues.  The Owners of the property were contacted to take corrective action.  Complaints will be filed if the corrective action is not taken.  The properties were on Nelson and Allens Lane.

Officers responded to and took a police report for a stolen bike.  The incident occurred on South Broad Street.  A description was put out to patrols.  A search for the bike in the area was negative.

Officers stopped a vehicle after observing it roll through a stop sign on Centre and Jackson.  The operator was arrested for an active warrant and issued a motor vehicle violation.

Our School Resource Officer completed some investigations into truancy issues with cooperation from the school.

Officers arrested a male on North Maple, who was familiar to the officer, for active warrants issued by two different municipal courts.


Calls for Service 4/5/11


Officers conducted a motor vehicle stop on North Evergreen near Station that resulted in the arrest of two males.  One was arrested for active fugitive warrants issued by Gloucester County and the other was arrested for originally giving false information to the officers and then found to have active warrants issued by the County.  CDS was also found on one of the males.

Officers were contacted by County Dispatch and told that a male called 911 to ask if they had seen his friend.  The caller gave his location during the call and the officers found the caller on North Broad.  His friend was not located and was in NO danger.  The caller was charged for using the emergency line without an emergency.

Officers responded to the area of Cooper Street near Laurel for a criminal mischief complaint.  Officers gathered the necessary information and filed a report.  This incident may be related to a previous incident and is being followed up by officers.

An officer on bike patrol notice a car parked on the Woodbury Child Development lot after hours.  A male and female in the car were charged with trespassing on private property as it is properly marked.

Officers reported to HQ to speak with a woman about an ongoing issue with a neighbor.  The neighbor has been leaving messages on her phone about her barking dog.  She feels harassed.  The officer took the report and gave the female an opportunity to sign complaints.  The officer also contacted the neighbor and told him not to call the other party anymore.

Officers responded to Caterer’s Corner for a shoplifting complaint.  The owner observed a juvenile attempt to steal and item.  The owner spoke with the officer and hopes to resolve the issue with the juvenile’s parent.

Officers arrested a male subject on South Broad Street for active warrants issued by two municipal courts.  The subject was known by the officers to frequently have active warrants issued against him.  He was arrested and then bailed out.

Officers arrested a female on South Broad Street who had several active warrants out for her arrest.  She is known by the officers for other issues.  She could not post bail and was lodged in the County Jail.

Officers found a male in front of Towne Liquors with an open container of alcohol.  The male was charged accordingly.

Officers observed a male exit the Towne Liquor store and immediately drink from a container.  Further investigation revealed that it was an alcoholic container.  He was charged accordingly.



Calls for service 4/2-4/11


Officers responded to an alarm at Woodbury Station Café.  There was an attempt to enter through a window by using a metal chair through a window.  The alarm went off, officers responded and the actor(s) had already left.  According to the owner, there did not appear to be anything missing.

Officers responded to Laurel Street for a female that thought she was being shot at.  Upon investigation is was found that unknown actor(s), possibly in a red SUV, fired a paint ball gun.  There was evidence on the residence of orange paint.

Officer responded to Crescent Avenue for a child custody dispute.  The officer took the report and referred the one party to seek help at family court for the violation.

Officers, with the assistance of a passing motorist, found a missing child before the caretaker realized she was missing.  The child was found roaming on Barber near Evergreen.


Officers took a report of a child custody dispute on Stuart Street. 

Officers stopped a vehicle on Salem Avenue for speeding.  The driver gave false information initially during the stop.  After some investigation the true identity of the driver was found and he was arrested for several outstanding warrants.

Officers responded to Wawa on North Evergreen for a possible domestic violence situation.  Two people were found to be arguing in the lot but there was no physical violence.  Further investigation revealed that the female in the domestic had an open alcoholic container and an active arrest warrant.  She was arrested.

Officers responded to East Coast Gas for a customer dispute.  The attendant filled the tank of a customer’s car instead of putting in $15 worth of gas.  Because it was a debit card the customer used she had no choice except to contact her bank because the charge was immediately taken from her account.


Officers responded to Wallace Street for a domestic.  They were met by the female victim who related what happen in the residence.  Complaints were signed and the male accused was arrested and served with a complaint.

A male was stopped coming out of the dumpster area of CVS that did not appear to be an employee.  He was found to have an open can of Bud Ice in his possession.  He was charged and released.

Officers responded to HQ to take a report of a stolen cell phone.  The victim gave the necessary information and the report was filed.

Officers responded to Heritage for an assault complaint.  Officers were met by the victim and gathered the necessary information for a report.  The investigation lead to an arrest of the victim for an outstanding warrant and CDS.  The assault resulted in no complaints.

Officers responded to Curtis Avenue for a dispute.  Officers responded and separated the parties involved.  The one party was escorted off the property and told not to return.  A complaint summons was signed against the party escorted away for disorderly persons.

Officers responded to the Rectory on Cooper Street for a damage to property complaint.  A vehicle had a rock thrown through its window.

Officers met with a victim at CVS who had her unlocked car entered and her purse stolen.  There were other personal items stolen along with the purse.

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