Activity Report

Calls for Service April 22, 2011


Officers responded for a dog running in the street in the area of Park Avenue. Dog was returned to its owner. Further investigation revealed the owner has two dogs, neither were registered with the City. Complaints were signed.


Officers responded to a customer dispute at East Coast Gas. Customer stated attendant put more gas in the vehicle than originally requested. 


A report of a lost wallet was taken. Subject stated the wallet was lost while at Police Headquarters. To date no wallet has been turned in.


Officers responded to the area of Hopkins and Franklin Streets for a female who stated she was shot by a paintball gun from a subject in a motor vehicle. Check of the area for the vehicle and subjects was unsuccessful. Complainant later called police stating the suspects were on the corner of Broad and Hopkins Streets. Upon officer’s arrival, no one in the area matched the description given of the suspects.


Officers responded to the Woodlake Apartment complex for a report of a burglary. Victim stated a 37” flat screen was taken some time between 6:00 pm and 12:00 am. It appears the suspects  entered the apartment by way of the balcony.


Female reported to police headquarters that she lost her New Jersey driver’s license between 4/21/11 and 4/22/11 while walking on South Broad Street.


Pedestrian was observed walking in the area of S. Broad and W. Centre Streets. Subject had outstanding warrants from the Gloucester County Sheriff’s Department. Accused was placed under arrest. Five bags of suspected marijuana were located on the subject. Complaints were signed for the possession of marijuana. Subject was lodged in the Gloucester County Jail in default of bail on his warrant.


Officers responded to the area of N. Broad Street for a disturbance. A designated driver refused to continue to take an intoxicated female home due to her actions. Police transported the intoxicated female to Underwood Memorial Hospital for treatment.


Patient was taken to Underwood Memorial Hospital. While hospital staff were performing their duties they located a bag of suspected heroin on the patient.  Suspected CDS was turned over to the police department. Complaints were signed.


Patient taken to Underwood Memorial Hospital for high level of intoxication.  Patient was attempting to leave the hospital when he was prevented from doing so by hospital staff, struggle ensued where the patient assaulted a member of the staff. Complaints were signed.


Calls for Service 4/20/11


Officers responded to a harassment complaint in the area of the Colonial Diner. Two females stated while driving on N Broad Street they were harassed by a female driver of another vehicle. The accused vehicle was not on location. No further information was available on the accused.

Officers took custody of a subject from Deptford Township Officers on Woodbury warrants. Bail was posted and the subject was released. 

Officers responded to an assault call on Aberdeen Place. Female complainant stated she was assaulted by her neighbor. Accused was unable to be contacted. Complaints were signed. 

Officers responded to a harassment call at Bell Lake Apartments. Complainants stated another tenant was harassing them while they were sitting outside in the common area and taking their picture. Accused stated he did take pictures but denied harassing the complainants. Subjects were advised on the procedure to sign complaints. 

Officers responded to a call of an unwanted person at the Carriage House Apartments. Tenant stated she wanted her boyfriend removed. Both subjects appeared to be intoxicated. Further investigation revealed one of the involved is not listed as a tenant of the complex. Both were issued summonses for violation of housing standards. Unwanted party was sent on his way. 

Officers responded to Underwood Memorial Hospital for a domestic violence complaint of harassing text messages. Victim showed officers the texts received. A temporary restraining order was issued. Complaints of harassment were signed against the accused. 

Officers responded to a female complainant of harassment. Female stated she was harassed by a friend of her mother’s. Complaints were not signed at this time due to lack of information on the accused.

Officers stopped a subject for improper crossing on S. Broad Street. Further investigation revealed the subject had an outstanding Camden City warrant. Subject was arrested and released on his own recognizance by the Camden City Court Clerks. 

Officers arrested a subject on a Woodbury warrant. Further investigation revealed other active warrants from various municipalities. Subject could not post bail and was lodged in the Gloucester County Jail.


Calls for Service 4/19/11

4/19/11 continued

During a car stop officers found that the driver was wanted on child support warrants issued by Somerset County.  We was issued tickets for the initial stop and turned over to Somerset County Sheriff’s Department.

Officers responded to the first block of Walnut Street for a theft report.  Officers spoke with the victim who related that someone stole her son’s 20” Mongoose BMX style bike.  It is green in color.  Officers searched the area but it was not located.

Officers took a harassment complaint at HQ.  The victim was given the opportunity to sign complaints.

Housing Officer Pitzo sent out and follow-up on several landlord licensing issues. 

Officers stopped a vehicle on West Barber Avenue for failing to stop at a stop sign on Jackson.  Further investigation revealed that the driver was wanted on an arrest warrant issued by Hamilton Twp in Mercer County.  She was issued tickets and she posted bail on the warrants.  Released pending a new court date.


Calls for Service 4/19/11


Officer stopped three males on the property of While House Apartments that appeared to be trespassing.  Upon further investigation one of the subjects had an active warrant for his arrest issued by Gloucester Twp.  All were charged and the one subject was arrested for the active warrant.

Officers responded to a dispute at Acme.  They were met by an employee that was being harassed by the ex-girlfriend of her present boyfriend.  A report was taken and complaints may be pending by the victim.

Officers took custody of a subject with an active arrest warrant at HQ.  He was turned over to Gloucester County’s Sheriff’s Department.

The School Resource Officer took reports and signed complaints against various parents of truant students.

Officers responded to Colonial Park Apartments for a Terroristic Threats call.  They spoke with all parties involved and were able to resolve the issue without complaints.  The victim has the opportunity to sign if they should change their mind.

Officers responded to the first block of High Street for a dispute.  Upon arrival they found the parties involved and resolved the issue.  However, one of the participants had active warrants for his arrest issued by several municipalities.  He was arrested and transported to HQ.

Officers came to HQ to take a report from an individual that lost his wallet on Broad Street in the vicinity of Centre.  For identity theft purposes, the pertinent information was taken for a police report.

Officers responded to a residence on Lupton for a domestic.  There were signs of a physical altercation.  An arrest was made and complaints were signed.  The victim also was granted a Temporary Restraining Order.

Officers responded to a child custody dispute on Carpenter Street.  Officers took a report and advised the caller that she has the right to sign complaints and to follow up with family court for the custody issue.


Calls for Service 4/12-13/11


Officers responded to the Emergency Room of the Underwood Memorial Hospital for an assault on an employee.  The report was taken and the necessary information was recorded to assist the victim with signing a complaint.  The victim was an ER employee.

Officer came to HQ to take a report of a theft.  The theft occurred at the victim’s ex-boyfriend’s father’s house.  The report was taken and complaints may be pending.

Officers responded to CVS for a theft complaint.  A patron put their cd player down on a table in the waiting area of the pharmacy to pick something up.  A male then picked up the CD player and attempted to leave.  Officers then reviewed the tape and witnessed the theft.  The male was arrested and the victim was given back their cd player.

Officer contacted the owners of A&M Deli for property maintenance issues.  They were given a warning letter to fix issues.  Officers will be following up and if issues are not rectified complaints will be signed.


Officers responded to Captains Corner for a fight.  Upon arrival it was found that there was not a fight but a verbal altercation between the band that was playing and some patrons.  When the manager threatened to call police the patrons left.  They were stopped by Mantua Pd and told they are no longer allowed on that property or in that business.

Officers responded to Tatum and Ford for a passed out male on the side of the road.  Officers found the male and determined he was highly intoxicated.  He was taken to Underwood Memorial due to his high level of intoxication.  He was charged and released pending court.

Officers found a property on Hopkins Street that violated the property maintenance ordinance.  A warning letter was sent and complaints may be pending if the issues are not rectified.

Police and Fire responded to the 100 block of Hessian for activated fire/burglary alarm.  Entry was made and no signs of fire were present. 

Officer responded to the 100 Block of High Street for a neighbor dispute.  Officers resolved the issue and took a police report.

Officers responded to J&D Liquors for a shoplifting complaint.  They spoke with manager and were directed to the accused.  As they were placing him under arrest for the shoplifting, officers were alerted that the suspect has hypodermic syringes on his person and they may not be capped.  Officers took proper precautions and transported the suspect to HQ where he was charged accordingly.

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