Activity Report

Calls for Service 5/6-8/11


Officers responded to the first block of North Maple for a disturbance.  Officers ultimately arrested individual(s) for disorderly conduct and other related charges.

Officers responded to Carpenter Street for a theft report.  The victim gave the officers some possible suspects but informed her to come to the station when she was not intoxicated to give better descriptive information.

Officers conducted a motor vehicle stop on South Evergreen of a vehicle that was driving on two flat tires.  It was further found that the drive appeared to be intoxicated.  The driver was brought to the station and processed according to DWI policy.  The driver was charged accordingly.

Officers towed an abandoned vehicle in City Lot 1 abiding by City Ordinance.

Officers took a report of a theft from Woodbury Nissan.  After taking inventory it was found by employees that a new vehicle was missing.  The information was gathered and entered into NCIC.  Investigation is continuing.

Officers stopped a vehicle on East Centre for a loud radio.  The driver was found to be suspended.  She was charged accordingly.

Officers witnessed a male urinating in the area of West Centre Street.  Further investigation revealed the male had several warrants out for his arrest.  He was charged and then released pending a new court dates for his outstanding warrants.

A property maintenance letter was sent to the owner of a house on Myrtle for high weeds and grass.


Officers responded to West Street for a family dispute.  Officers resolved the issues using Robin’s Nest.

Officers responded to High Street for a resident that had a very loud house radio.  She was issued a Municipal Ordinance violation.

Officers responded to the area behind Pep boys for a person who was hit by a car and bleeding from the head.  Further investigation revealed that he was assaulted on Broad Street near Hopkins.  Officers responded quickly and found the suspects.  An arrest was made.  The suspect was charged with the assault and resisting arrest.

Officers responded to Mother Child on North Broad Street for a dispute.  An unauthorized male was visiting a tenant.  That male was found to have active warrants for his arrest.  He was turned over to Salem County which was where the warrant originated.

Officer came to HQ to document a Child Custody Order violation.


Officers responded to Bell Lake Apartments for a neighbor dispute and harassment complaint.  Officers took the report and gave the parties involved the opportunity to sign complaints.

Officers took a report of a stolen vehicle from a female on Redbank Avenue.  The information was gathered.  Investigation is continuing.

Officers arrested and charged a male for criminal mischief after he threw a bottle at a moving car on West Centre Street.  The victim, who called in when it occurred, identified the male for the officers.

While conducting a property check, officers found a male that was trespassing on private property.  As he was being questioned as to why he was on the property he ran away from the investigating officer.  The officer ultimately caught the suspect.  On his apprehension it was further found that he was in possession of a quantity of CDS.  He was charged accordingly.


Calls for Service 5/5/11


Officers stopped at Capn’s Corner to ensure the business was closing according to the times stated in the Municipal Ordinance.

Officers responded to McDonald’s for a female using CDS in the bathroom.  Officers found the female, found the narcotics, and arrested and charged the female.

Officers responded to the 100 block of North Broad for a property owner that had some building supplies stolen from within the property.  Officers spoke with the victim and will be investigating further.  A report was taken as well.

Officers stopped a vehicle on Franklin Street near Hopkins for several motor vehicle violations.  Further investigation revealed warrants issued for the driver’s arrest.  He was issued the summons and released on the warrants pending a new court date.

At HQ officers met with an individual who lost his license.  Officer took a police report for the victim.

Our K9 officer and his dog assisted Mantua Pd with a vehicle search.  The dog (Pitt) indicated for narcotics in the vehicle.

Officers took a report from a female due to having had her Family First card stolen.  Officers are investigating and complaints may be signed.

The Housing Officer, Ptlm Pitzo, investigated several cases involving landlord licensing issues.  Complaints and letters of warning are pending.


Calls for Service


Officers responded to an investigated an incident at Woodbury Mews regarding a tenant.  Information was gathered and report was taken.

Officers were dispatched to the area of 655 North Broad Street for a male that was bleeding and seemed intoxicated.  Officers found the male and contacted EMS.  EMS personnel arrived and transported the male to the hospital for treatment.

Officers stopped a male that was trespassing on Conrail property.  The individual was charged and released from the area.  The individual admitted to the officer that this is his second time being caught within a month.

Officers arrested a male in the Police Station who was waiting for court and shouting profanities in the lobby.  He was warned to stop but continued.  Subsequent to his arrest, drug paraphernalia was found on his person.  He was charged accordingly.

Officers conducted a motor vehicle stop on Jackson near Centre.  It was found that one of the occupants was wanted for an active warrant issued by West Deptford.  The operator was issued tickets and the wanted person was released by West Deptford.

Officers sent out 21 warning letters for property owners to maintain their properties.  The warnings were mainly for high grass and weeds.


Calls for Service 5/3/11


While on patrol officer saw three males on Logan near Glover.  One of the males was in possession of an open alcoholic container.  Further investigation revealed that another had an active arrest warrant issued by West Deptford Municipal Court.  The individual with the container was charged and released.  The individual with the active warrant was arrested and turned over to West Deptford.

Officers responded to the 400 block of Mantua Avenue for a Domestic in progress.  The accused in the incident left prior to arrival of the officers.  Complaints were signed and officers searched for the accused.

While on patrol officers observed a subject that was known to have active warrants on Broad Street near Aberdeen.  The officer confirmed active warrants and then approached the subject.  Further investigation revealed that the subject was in possession of 24 clear plastic bags which appeared to contain crack cocaine.  The subject was charged and turned over to the County Jail.

Officers responded to McDonald’s on North Broad Street for and unruly patron.  Upon arrival the officer found the subject that matched the description given by employees.  The subject smelled of alcohol and was continuing his unruliness.  Officer arrested the subject for Disorderly Conduct.  Further investigation revealed that the subject was also in possession of what was believed to be marijuana.  Along with the CDS it was also found he was wanted in Cumberland County and Vineland for active warrants.  He was charged appropriately and turned over to Vineland for their warrant.

Officers responded to a complaint about a female in front of Towne Liquors asking pedestrians for money.  Officers found and charged the female on a special complaint.

Officers stopped a male on Broad near Curtis for improperly crossing Broad Street.  Further investigation revealed that the male had active warrants issued by our Court.  He was arrested, charged, and lodged in the County Jail.

Officers responded to Bayard near Cooper for a male that was naked and acting very agitated.  The male was found and transported to Underwood Memorial Hospital for psychiatric evaluation.


Calls for Service 4/28/11

Officers responded to Laurel Street for criminal mischief. Homeowner related someone has been knocking on his door and running away as well as throwing water balloons at his home. Check of the area was negative for any accused.


Officers observed a subject sitting on a bench on S. Broad Street with open alcohol. Suspect dumped the alcohol and properly disposed of the trash. Suspect received a summons for open alcohol in public.


Officers were in the area of N. Evergreen Avenue when a subject was heard screaming profane language. Suspect stated he was angry due to a previous incident earlier in the evening. Suspect was issued a summons for breach of peace.


While in the area of Evergreen Square, officers heard two subjects arguing, yelling and screaming at each other. The two were separated and each was issued a summons for breach of peace.


Officers responded to the area of E Centre Street for a theft of trash cans from a resident. The cans were located in the rear of the residence and are valued at approximately $24.00. Area was checked with negative results for the property.


Officers observed high grass/debris at a property in the area of Leeds Place. Homeowner was issued a warning letter to have the area cleaned up within 10 days.


Officers were contacted regarding a missing juvenile. Mother reported the child missing. Further investigation found the juvenile to be with a friend and her sister. She was returned home without any further incident.


While on routine patrol, officers observed a male subject cross S. Broad Street against the traffic signal creating a hazardous condition with traffic abruptly stopping. Male was stopped and advised of his violation. Upon identification confirmation, it was learned the male had two active warrants from Camden City. Suspect was placed under arrest. At headquarters he was released on his own recognizance by Camden City with a new court date. He was issued a summons for Improper Pedestrian Crossing.


Owner of the Laundry Basket advised of a theft. The cash box for the business was found empty this morning by the store opening employee. Approximately $244.00 was taken. Case is still under investigation.


Officers observed a property on Leeds Place to have high grass/weeds. A warning letter was sent to the property owner who was advised to have the property cleaned up within ten days.


Officers observed a property on Gantt Avenue to have high grass/weeds. A warning letter was sent to the property owner who was advised to have the property cleaned up within ten days.


South Evergreen Avenue resident contacted police regarding grass clippings being blown into her yard by a neighbor’s landscaper. She requested extra checks of the area for the landscaper to be advised of the problem.


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