Activity Report

Calls for Service 5/13-15/11


Officers observed a vehicle illegally parked on Hopkins Street.  While turning around to write the summons the vehicle pulled away.  The officers conducted a motor vehicle stop.  During the stop officers detected the smell of marijuana.  After a search of the vehicle marijuana was found and the driver was arrested.

Officers responded to Edith Avenue for a domestic violence incident occurring.  Officers separated and spoke with all involved.  Each party was given the opportunity to sign complaints.

Officers responded to Underwood Memorial Hospital to meet with security staff in reference to a Controlled Dangerous Substance being found on a patient.  The substance was turned over to police and complaints were signed.

Officers were called to CVS by two off duty out of town officers because they had two shoplifters in custody.  Management of CVS assisted in the investigation.  A female that was detained was arrested and charged.

Officers responded to the Colonial Diner for an Armed Robbery.  Officers met with the victim and received descriptive information of the actor and the car he drove away in.  Officers found the vehicle and the suspect.  He was identified by the victim, arrested, and charged.


Officers conducted a motor vehicle stop on Broad Street near Cooper of a vehicle that committed a red light violation.  Further investigation revealed that the driver was suspended and had active warrants for his arrest issued by Camden County.  He was arrested and turned over to their Sheriff’s Department.

Officers responded to Deptford Avenue for a Domestic Violence incident.  Officers spoke with both sides of the domestic and a witness.  Complaints were signed and Restraining Orders were issued.

Officers responded to a property maintenance issue on Glover Street.  The owner of the residence was notified to rectify the issue or complaints will be signed.  In accordance to the ordinance, the officers will follow up.

Officers went to E Centre Street for a property maintenance issue.  The resident was notified and the officers will follow up according to our ordinance.

Officers responded to CVS for a shoplifter that just exited their store and was leaving the area.  From investigation the officers received descriptive information of the suspect and the vehicle he fled in.  Deptford Pd found the accused and turned him over to us.  He was charged accordingly.  The suspect was also wanted on warrants issued by Deptford.  He was ultimately lodged in the County Jail.

Officers signed complaints against a male that was found to be on Woodlake Apartment Property after being served a letter that he was not permitted to be on the property for any reason by management.


Two females were issued a summons for being in possession of open alcoholic containers on South Broad Street near Centre.

During a motor vehicle stop on W Centre just off of S Broad, the driver of the vehicle stop was found to have active warrants issued by Gloucester County Sheriff’s Department.  He was arrested and turned over to them.

Officers came to HQ to assist a female that wished to resolve a warrant that was issued for her arrest.  She was processed and released pending a new court date.

Officers responded to Rite Aid for a shoplifting complaint.  The suspect had already left the store.  After receiving the descriptive information of the suspect the officers located her on Broad Street near Delaware.  She was identified by the witness.  The female was then arrested and charged accordingly.

Officer sent notices and took reports of 7 residences for property maintenance issues.  The owners have ten days to rectify or a municipal ordinance violation will be issued.  Officers will follow up.

Housing Officer Pitzo investigated a housing issue on High Street.  The tenant and landlord were notified that complaints may be signed.


Calls for Service 5/12/11

Officers responded to Lakeside Apartments for a neighbor complaint of excessive noise. Female tenant stated male tenant below her had been banging on his ceiling and then cut her cable wire which runs through his apartment. Male denied cutting the cable and stated it was possible he disconnected it by accident while moving things in the closet. Complaints were signed against the male tenant and the female tenant was advised to contact management.


Officers were called to a complaint of trespassing. Resident stated his neighbor was on his property while having been advised he is not permitted to do so. Complaints are pending at this time.


Male resident advised officers he is being harassed by his ex-wife. She is leaving notes in his driveway as well as making comments on the internet regarding their past relationship. He was advised of the procedure to obtain a restraining order.


As a matter of routine, attendance records of students in the Woodbury Public Schools are reviewed. Those found in violation of both school policy and state law were sent a warning letter outlining the dates the students have missed school.


Cherry Hill resident is involved in a civil suit with an ex-tenant. Ex-tenant has used the rental property address in supplying information to Civil court. The landlord signed a complaint for Unsworn Falsification to Authorities against his ex-tenant.


Municipal ordinance violation warning letter was sent to the property owner of a S. Broad Street property regarding high grass and weeds. Officers will follow up in ten days to make sure the issue was rectified.





Calls for Service 5/11/11

While in the area of Leeds Place, officers observed a suspicious vehicle occupied by two subjects. Officers detected the odor of marijuana and observed an open bottle of beer in the center cup holder. Vehicle had no registration/tags. Subject stated he did smoke marijuana and was drinking in the vehicle. No marijuana was located in the vehicle. He was issued summonses for his violations and the vehicle was impounded. The second occupant was released at the scene.

Resident of Progress Avenue reported his neighbor’s dog broke through the fence and bit his dog. Resident took his dog for treatment. It is reported both dogs have proper vaccinations. Complaints are pending.

N. Evergreen resident has complaints regarding his upstairs neighbor creating noise and disturbing him. He stated his neighbor’s cat walks around constantly causing him annoyance and alarm. Officers spoke with upstairs neighbor and observed the cat in question. This is an ongoing issue between the two neighbors. The cat walked around the apartment several times and appeared to be very light footed. Both parties were advised on how to sign complaints.

Officers responded to a male and female fighting in the 400 block of Lincoln Street. Officers spoke to both subjects who stated it was just a verbal argument and they were headed home. Further investigation revealed the male subject provided a false name. He was later charged with obstruction.

In the area of S. Jackson Street officers observed a male subject walking in the middle of the street. The subject was stopped and his identification was requested. Confirmation of his identification revealed active warrants. Subject was placed under arrest. At headquarters he was released on his own recognizance on the Woolwich Twp. warrants, issued a summons for failure to use the sidewalks and released.

While court was in session a male subject was identified to have several active warrants. Upon his exit from the court room he was placed under arrest on the three active warrants. Subject was turned over to Deptford Township Police on his active warrant from their jurisdiction.

Officers responded to a neighbor complaint on the 100 block of High Street. All parties were advised to stay away from each other.

While officers were collecting information from a subject at police headquarters, it was discovered the address he was giving was a rental property. Subject is not on the lease. He was served with an occupancy standard violation.

Two students were involved in an argument at the Woodbury Alternative High School. Further investigation revealed one male student was attempting to provoke another into a fight and smacked him in the head. School officials intervened and the student is charged with simple assault.


Calls for Service 5/10/11


Officers stopped a male on private property, Woodlake Apartments, who was not permitted to b there.  The property is posted for no trespassing.  He was issued a summons and released. 

While on patrol officers observed a male on the basketball courts of Wing-Dickerson Park believed to be smoking marijuana.  Bike patrols were called in to investigate further.  The investigation lead to an arrest and a seizure of a small amount of a substance believed to be marijuana.

A male was observed taking a box of small cats from his truck in the Heritage lot on North Broad Street and placing it in the dumpster.  The person who witnessed this activity called the police.  With the assistance of the witness the male was identified and charged with cruelty to animals and animal abandonment.  The State SPCA was also contacted.

Officers noticed and sent letters to five different residences for property maintenance issues.  The residences had high weeds and grass.  Officers will follow up for remediation.

Officers responded to Underwood Memorial Hospital for a patient that had his car stolen.  Within an hour of taking the report, Washington Twp officers found the vehicle in one of their businesses.  It was turned over to the victim, and complaints may be pending on further investigation.

Housing Officer Pitzo conducted several follow up investigations regarding the landlord licensing ordinance.  Complaints and follow up investigations continue…

Officers met with a male who claimed to be assaulted in the 100 block of Delaware Street.  He was transported to Underwood Memorial and the investigation into the assault is continuing.


Calls for Service May 9, 2011


Officers observed a vehicle going the wrong way on Allen’s Lane. Officers continued to follow the vehicle onto S. Broad Street monitoring the vehicle as it was crossing the double lines. Vehicle was stopped and the driver, 29 year old female resident, was placed under arrest for driving while intoxicated.


Officers responded to a 911 hang up call in the area of N. Broad Street. Upon being met by a 54 year old female, who appeared slightly intoxicated, she stated she was assaulted by the male resident. Officers made contact with the 56 year old male resident who also appeared to be intoxicated. The male advised he was assaulted by the female. Both parties were charged with simple assault.


Resident came into headquarters regarding harassing text messages she was receiving. Resident was advised on how to sign complaints with the court clerk’s office.


Officers responded to the area of S. Horace Street for an unconscious female. Investigation revealed the female had regained consciousness and was physically fine. The incident was a family argument. No charges were filed.


Officers made a well being check on a 77 year old N. Girard Street resident.  Resident did not wish to go to the hospital, was coherent and well aware of his surroundings. He provided a family member’s name and location.


Officers were dispatched to the 300 block of Morris Street for a harassment complaint. Resident stated she was receiving continuing telephone calls and text messages from a 29 year old Sicklerville female. Officers contacted the female and advised her to stop calling. She complied. Resident was advised on the procedure to file a complaint.


High grass and weed violations were reported to the police. Property maintenance letters were sent to the property owners to rectify the issue within ten days. Follow ups will be made at that time.


Officers responded to the Woodbury Manor area for a residential burglary. Entry appeared to have been made through a window that was not locked. Jewelry, cash and credit cards were taken. Resident was advised to contact his bank. Property maintenance supervisor repaired the broken screen.


Local auto dealership reported a vehicle was stolen from their lot sometime between its initial delivery in March 2011 and May 2011. Dealership records indicated the vehicle was not sold and should be on the lot. Vehicle was entered into the NCIC program as stolen.


Landlord was advised of several incidents and arrests that have occurred at his rental property. He was advised to take appropriate action with his tenants or face the possible risk of a hearing seeking to suspend his landlord license.

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