Activity Report

Calls for Service June 2, 2011

31 year old Westville female was arrested for outstanding warrants. She was released on her own recognizance with new court dates.


During the course of a motor vehicle stop, officers arrested the 22 year old Camden male on outstanding warrants. Suspect posted bail and was released.


Officers answered a call for a suspicious male in the area of Underwood Memorial Hospital. Description of the subject was given out and he was located. Subject had outstanding warrants. He could not post bail and was lodged in the Gloucester County Jail.

Woodbury resident reported the rear window to his vehicle was shattered while parked in the driveway of his home. No items were located in or near the vehicle that could have caused the damage.

Woodbury resident advised the father of her child violated a final domestic restraining order by coming to her home. Officers searched for the suspect with negative results.


Officers were dispatched to the Carriage House Apartments for a 911 call. Male subject had called for a telephone number. Subject had been advised not to trespass on the Carriage House property on two separate occasions. He was placed under arrest and charged with trespassing.


While on a motor vehicle stop it was discovered the female driver had an outstanding warrant.  She was placed under arrest and transported to police headquarters. She was released on her own recognizance with a new court date.


A violation warning notice was sent to the owner of a property on S. Jackson Street regarding high grass and weeds. Officers will follow up on this matter in ten days.


Calls for Service May 24, 2011

Woodbury units were dispatched to a disturbance at the Colonial Diner. 45 year old female Woodbury resident had been bothering the customers to use their cell phones, yelling and using profanity when denied. Female was ultimately placed under arrest for disorderly conduct.


Two females subjects were fighting inside a vehicle in the area of Hunter Street and Holroyd Place. Subjects were separated. One female was placed under arrest for simple assault and disorderly conduct. The second female was charged with disorderly conduct.


Male subject was found loitering in the parking lot of Jake’s Thrift Store.  Male had been warned earlier in the evening the business was closed for the day and not to hang around the parking lot. Further investigation revealed the subject had open alcohol. Charges for trespassing and open container of alcohol were filed against the male.


Officers responded to a criminal mischief call in the area of Hunter and Maple Streets. Juveniles had been throwing rocks at one another. One rock missed and hit the rear window of a vehicle shattering the window. No charges at this time.


Officers responded for a possible domestic situation in the area of the Armory. Both subjects stated it was just a verbal argument. Further investigation revealed outstanding warrants for both parties. They were placed under arrest on the warrants and later released on the own recognizance.


A 47 year old female from Blackwood was found on S. Broad Street drinking in public while waiting for the bus. Her identity was confirmed and she was charged with open container of alcohol in public.


Violation letters were sent to various registered owners of vehicles parked in the city lots. Due to the amount of accumulated debris it was obvious the vehicles had not been moved in some time. Officers will follow up on these vehicles in 48 hours and take any appropriate action at that time.


A Westville man was stopped for scavenging trash in the N. Broad Street area. After a negative warrant check he was issued a summons for a violation of the city ordinance



Calls for Service 5/20-23/11


Officers responded to Sunoco on Salem at Broad for an Armed Robbery in progress.  Upon arrival the 3 suspects had fled the scene.  Officers spoke with employees of the gas station and received descriptive information.  That information was put out over police radio.  There was video of the incident and we will be following up.

Officers went to the 300 block of Queen for a loose dog.  The dog was secured back at the residence it escaped from.


Officers responded to Sunoco for a shoplifting complaint.  Officers spoke with the employees and an independent witness that saw the incident.  They were able to give good descriptions of the suspects which lead to them being apprehended on Allen’s near Nelson.  The suspects were charged.

Officers responded to West Barber for an unwanted person.  When they arrived they saw a male go into the house and heard him lock the door.  When they knocked on the door to be sure for all of the occupant’s safety, nobody answered.  County communications attempted to call the number.  Nobody answered the first time, but on the second call a female answered.  She appeared to be “excited” and “upset”.  Officers forcibly entered to check her well being.  There was a male inside that would not allow the female to answer the door.  He was placed under arrest for several charges.

Officers took a report involving a patron of Sophie’ Deli accidently having his car damaged by a bicyclist.

Officers were called to an abandoned property for several males in the backyard engaging in what appeared to the caller to be CDS activity.  As the officers approached the males ran. Officers gave chase and ultimately apprehended or identified all involved.  The investigation resulted in several charges including a possession charge for CDS.   CDS (Controlled Dangerous Substance)

Officers took a report from a motorist whose car was hit with a wiffle ball on Delaware near Columbia.  The investigation revealed that a frustrated resident who was crossing the street at the crosswalk became upset when the motorist did not yield.  He threw the wiffle ball at the car.  Neither party wished to sign complaints at this time.


Officers signed complaints against a male that was in possession of an open alcoholic container on South Barber Avenue near the path to the courts.

Officers responded to the 100 block of North Broad Street for a disturbance.  A boyfriend, girlfriend and ex-boyfriend were involved in verbal confrontation before the officers arrived.  The female was charged with disorderly conduct for her actions once the police arrived.

Officers responded to the 200 Block of Hunter Street for juveniles throwing rocks at a house.  Two of the juveniles were found, identified and taken to HQ.  Their parents were contacted.

Officers responded to Briar Hill Lane and Horace for a woman acting erratically.  The caller gave the officers the female’s license plate number because she had left the area prior to the officers’ arrival.  The officers looked up the plate and found it to be another Woodbury resident.   The officers went to that residence to check on her well being.  She was ultimately transported to the psychiatric unit at UMH.

During a motor vehicle stop in the area of Driscoll and Mehorter, a passenger in the vehicle was found to have multiple warrants issued for his arrest.  He was arrested and lodged in the Gloucester County Jail.


Officers responded to Leeds and Barber for a noise complaint.  They found a car radio that was very loud.  Two females were listening to an Ipod that was hooked up to the car speakers.  One female was charged with breach of peace and the other was arrested for a warrant out of Camden City.

Officers went to Woodbury Court Apartments for an unwanted person.  They found that person and escorted him off the property.  Because he had been advised several times in the past to stay off of that property, he was charged and released on the scene.

Officers took a report at HQ of a Domestic situation.  The report was taken to document an issue in case further issues should arise.  Neither complaints nor Restraining orders were needed.

Officers took a harassment complaint at HQ that involved two females.  The two females went to lunch the previous day and apparently the one female did not believe she got her $20 worth.  So she decided to send a threatening text messages to the other female.  Complaints may be pending.

Officers were called to Rite Aid on South Broad for a shoplifting.  The accused had left the store prior to the officers’ arrival.  However, while the call was being dispatched the store employee gave a description of the accused that was located by a Sheriff’s Officer on E Barber Avenue.  The accused was identified by the employee and charged accordingly.


Calls for Service 5/17/11


A maintenance letter was sent to a home owner on Gant for high weeds and grass.  Officers will follow up.

Officers investigated an abandoned white box truck on North Evergreen Avenue.  The owner was contacted and will be having the vehicle removed.

Officers spoke with a victim at HQ of a domestic violence situation.  Officers took the report and assisted the victim with the proper paperwork for complaints and a restraining order.


Calls for Service 5/16/11


Officers responded to the 100 block of North Broad Street for a babysitter having a problem with the kids she was watching.  The kids became combative and one of them needed medical attention.  EMS and the parent were contacted.

Officers responded to HQ to take a report of a lost/stolen Gloucester County ID.  The information was taken and a report was taken.

Officers responded to the High School, night school program, and took a report of stolen money.  The victim became upset to the point he had to be escorted off of school grounds.  The victim is a student. 

Officers responded to CVS for a customer dispute.  The customer and management were disputing a cash return without a receipt.  The officers attempted to intervene and resolve the issue.  However, it was found out during the investigation that the subject attempting to return the item gave false information to the officers.  When his true identity was given it was found that he had active arrest warrants for his arrest.  Further investigation also revealed that he was in possession of CDS.  He was arrested and charged accordingly.

Officers went to Nelson Avenue for 3 pit bulls running free.  They were contained and the owner was charged with a municipal ordinance.

Officers went to PNC Bank for an unruly male customer.  The male was yelling profanities because he did not have the required forms of ID to have a check cashed.  He was escorted away and charged with a municipal ordinance violation.

A male, who was familiar to officers, was arrested on Railroad Avenue for active warrants.  He was arrested and then ultimately released pending court.

Officers were called to Woodbury Pharmacy for a male attempting to fill a two year old prescription.  The employee of the pharmacy pointed out the male and the officers arrested him.  Further investigation revealed that the male also had several active warrants issued for his arrest outstanding.  He was turned over to Lakewood PD.

Officers noticed a female on High Street with a container that had an alcoholic beverage in it.  She was charged with a municipal ordinance for possessing it in public and then released at the scene.

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