Activity Report

Calls for Service June 9, 2011

A High Street resident reported her home had been burglarized. Through investigation it was discovered the resident’s boyfriend had actually sold the items. Complaints for false report to law enforcement and occupant standards have been filed to date. Further charges are pending investigation.


In the course of a pedestrian safety stop, the subject was found to have an active warrant. The Woodbury resident was placed under arrest and later released on his own recognizance on the warrant.


Colonial Park Apartment Security contacted the police department regarding a suspicious male in their parking lot.  While checking the area officers were notified Captn’s Corner had called regarding the same complaint as well as a suspicious vehicle. Manager indicated he felt CDS transactions were taking place. Incident still under investigation.


New Point Behavioral Health alerted officers of a missing male adult. He was to report for his program today. Local hospitals and jails were contacted but the Wenonah resident is still missing.


Officers responded for a theft of a license plate complaint. Resident stated the vehicle was parked in the driveway of her Laurel Street residence and the plate had been bolted on the vehicle.


While performing a traffic stop for speeding, it was discovered the driver of the vehicle had an active Burlington County warrant. She was placed under arrest. Driver was given a summons for speeding and later released on her own recognizance against the warrant.




Calls for Service June 8, 2011

Cooper Street resident contacted the police regarding a suspicious person at his neighbor’s property. Suspect fled east on Cooper Street. Suspect fled from officers but was apprehended. Officers located the Gloucester City resident who was in possession of items from a home on Cooper Street. Suspect was subsequently charged with burglary, criminal mischief, theft, trespassing, possession burglary tools and hindering.


Officers responded to the Acme parking lot for a report of a dog left unattended in a vehicle. Vehicle owner was walking out to his car upon officer arrival. Upon checking the dog, he was panting heavily but appeared to be fine. Owner was advised to use better judgment or he could face animal cruelty charges.


Officers were dispatched to the parking lot of CVS for someone begging money from customers. A description of the accused was obtained. The accused was located at the bus stop with a brown bag containing open alcohol. Suspect was found to have 4 outstanding warrants. He was placed under arrest on the warrants and charged with disorderly conduct. The Camden city resident was turned over to Cherry Hill Police on their warrant.



Lumberton resident reported to Woodbury police her son’s father took his cell phone and would not return it. Attempts were made to contact the father regarding the cell phone but were unsuccessful. No complaints were signed at this time.


Centre Street resident advised his stainless steel charbroil grill valued at approximately $600.00 was stolen from behind his home. He does not wish to sign complaints at this time.


North Broad Street resident advised after having a BBQ on May 7, she noticed her checkbook was stolen from her residence. After she was aware of the theft she closed her bank accounts. Complaints against the suspect, a Camden City resident, are pending.


A Gloucester City resident advised he lost his wallet in the area of E. Red Bank Avenue. The black leather tri-fold wallet is valued at $10.00.


Officers responded to the 500 block of N. Broad Street for a suspicious male in the parking lot. On arriving to the scene officers observed the described subject running across N. Broad Street. Upon seeing officers he turned around and attempted to flee. He was apprehended shortly thereafter. Subject was found to be in possession of CDS and had two active warrants. The Brooklawn resident was lodged in the Gloucester County Jail in default of bail.



Calls for Service June 7, 2011

Officers were advised of two males drinking at the bus stop on N. Broad Street. Upon investigation it was learned one male was in possession of a cold open can of beer. The Camden resident was charged on a municipal ordinance for possession of open alcohol in public.


Officers observed two subjects on the corner of S. Broad and Hopkins Streets pushing and shoving each other over a brown paper bag with an object inside. The object was identified as a partially consumed 40 oz bottle of Miller High Life alcoholic beverage. They stated they were arguing over possession of the alcohol. One subject, a 52 year old Glassboro male, became upset and indifferent toward officers, using profanity. Both subjects were charged with possession of open alcohol in public with an additional charge of breach of peace to the Glassboro resident.


A twenty five year old resident reported while bringing things into his apartment, a juvenile grabbed his brand new fire extinguisher and began to spray it around the complex. Resident contacted apartment management in an attempt to resolve the situation but met with negative results. Resident was advised on how he could sign a complaint.


A twenty year old West Deptford resident advised while she was riding NJ Transit from Camden, her wallet was stolen from her pocketbook. Victim was advised the bus does have surveillance and it would be available. No suspects at this time.


A vacant residence on N. Drexel Street was burglarized. Appears actor/s went into the crawl space of the property and cut the copper piping from the home causing water damage. Incident is still under investigation.


A motor vehicle was stopped on N. Broad Street for an expired registration. During the course of the stop, it was learned the driver and registered owner had several outstanding warrants. The 22 year old Woodbury resident was placed under arrest. She was unable to post bail and was transported to the Gloucester County Jail. The vehicle was towed and several traffic summonses were also issued to the driver.


During a motor vehicle stop for an unregistered vehicle, it was learned the driver had an outstanding Pitman Borough warrant. The driver was placed under arrest. At headquarters he was released by Pitman on his own recognizance with a new court date


Calls for Service June 6, 2011

Officers responded to a call of a male sleeping behind the wheel of his vehicle on Cooper Street. On arrival the officers located a 30 year old West Deptford male sleeping in the driver’s seat. In plain view officers observed two glassine baggies commonly used to package CDS and an orange cap commonly used to cap a hypodermic needle. Subject was charged with possession of a hypodermic syringe and possession of drug paraphernalia as well as several motor vehicle complaints.


Officers observed a vehicle exiting the parking lot of Red Eagle Packaging Plant. Knowing the business was closed at the time officers proceeded to follow the vehicle. The vehicle crossed the double yellow lines of traffic several times and was traveling at an extremely low rate of speed.  Officers performed a motor vehicle stop and a 44 year old Woodbury male was subsequently placed under arrest for driving under the influence.


A 49 year old male resident reported to officers while on Hunter Street he attempted to purchase narcotics when a gun was pointed at him and the subject advised him to leave. Complainant admitted he had already been drinking alcohol and using crack cocaine. Officers investigated the complaint with the end result of an arrest of a Hunter Street resident charged with terroristic threats, possession of an imitation handgun, unlawful possession of a handgun and possession of a handgun for an unlawful purpose. The firearm was identified as a Pro 77 BB fun 4.5 mm. Subject was lodged in the Gloucester County Jail.


Progress Avenue resident reported and attempted arson to his mother’s vehicle. A towel and a package of matches were located on the hood of the vehicle. Resident was able to extinguish the fire immediately. Items were retained as evidence. Investigation is ongoing.


27 year old Woodbury male reported upon walking home from the bus stop southbound on Railroad Avenue he was assaulted by a male who punched him in the head. Complainant did not know the identity of his attacker but provided a description to police. Victim was transported to Underwood Memorial Hospital.


While traveling in the area of W. Centre Street and Lupton Avenue officers detected the odor of burnt marijuana emanating from a passing vehicle. Officers performed a traffic stop and could not locate any marijuana or other illegal substances in the vehicle. The driver of the vehicle was found to have an active warrant from Deptford Township. He was placed under arrest. He was later released on his own recognizance with a new court date.


Officers were called to a fight between a male and female in the Bell Lake Apartment area parking lot. On arrival female subject was punching a male subject as a result of their argument. Both were advised on how to sign complaints. Female was advised she was no longer welcome at Bell Lake Apartments.


A twenty year old Sicklerville resident reported to Woodbury Court Clerk’s office to make a fine payment. While she was there it was determined there were 4 outstanding warrants on this subject. She was placed under arrest and transported to the Gloucester County Jail in default of bail.


Occupation Standard violations were signed against a 27 year old Woodbury male who reported to the NJ State Parole he was living at the Carriage House Apartments. The subject is not on the lease and is not to be living at the complex. He was served with his summons and released.


A 26 year old Harrisburg, Pa resident reported he lost his wallet. He had been at the Acme Market on Mantua Avenue. He reported his loss to management. To date the wallet is still unfounded


Calls for Service June 3-5, 2011

Officers were called to the CVS Pharmacy for a possible shoplifter. Upon investigation there was no shoplifting at this time. Subject was advised not to return to CVS and left the area without further incident.


Officers responded to the Woodlake apartment complex for a dispute over a parking spot. Both parties were advised to avoid one another and not to park in each other’s assigned place.


Officers were called to Wick Boulevard for a dog bite. The neighbor’s dog got out of the yard, bit another dog and the owner while trying to separate the dogs. Charges were filed for allowing the dog to run at large.


Weichert Realty reported their signs advertising an “open house” were stolen from the area of Queen Street. The signs are valued at a total of $270.00. Checks of the area proved negative for locating the stolen signs.


Officers responded to Briar Hill Lane for a domestic restraining order violation. Resident was receiving telephone calls from an ex partner. Warrant was issued for the arrest of the accused.


Officers responded to the 500 block of Tatum Street for a criminal mischief complaint. Resident advised someone threw a rock at her storm window shattering it.  Resident believes children were playing in the area and threw the rock. Cost to repair the damage is unknown at this time.


Officers responded to the area of Manor and Lafayette Avenue for a motor vehicle complaint. Multiple calls were received regarding a vehicle striking several parked cars in the area. Subject had fled the area south toward Naomi Avenue. Witness stated the operator of the motor vehicle struck him while riding his bicycle then repeatedly struck the parked vehicles. Accused was located and identified by witnesses. He was charged with assault by auto, criminal mischief and various motor vehicle traffic summonses.


Cinnaminson Township Police Department notified headquarters of a subject they had arrested who admitted to a burglary in Woodbury. Accused was transported to Woodbury and pointed out the property he had burglarized. He was charged with burglary, criminal mischief and possession of burglary tools. He is currently lodged in the Burlington County Jail.


Officers responded to the area of N. Broad and Hunter Streets for subject arguing loudly creating a disturbance. One accused knocked over several magazine stands causing the magazines to scatter across the street. The accused was found to have an outstanding warrant and was placed under arrest. Gloucester Township released the accused on his own recognizance and Woodbury officers charged him with criminal mischief and disorderly conduct.


While officers were handling the subject involved in the argument his aunt was screaming and yelling at him, using profanities. Despite being warned numerous times to calm down, she did not and was subsequently charged with breach of peace.


Officers were dispatched for a noise complaint in the area of Cherry Street. Both males were identified with one of the males have two outstanding warrants. He was placed under arrest and later released from the warrants on his own recognizance with new court dates.


Officers responded to a male and females arguing in the area of E. Centre Street. Both were advised several times to stop arguing and using profanities. Both continued to argue causing public annoyance and alarm. Both were charged with disorderly conduct and violation of occupancy standards by committing a disorderly act at a rental property.


Curtis Avenue residents reported the theft of their laptop computer. The computer was entered into NCIC as stolen and the investigation is ongoing.



Officers were contacted by a realtor who advised a vacant property in the 200 block of High Street had a broken window. It appeared as though an unknown actor attempted to gain access to the property. Further investigation revealed items were taken from inside the home. Case continues to be under investigation.


Officers responded to a call of tents set up in the park path located along the Woodbury creek off of Wood Street. Juveniles stated they had spent the night in the tents and that their parents were aware of this. They thought they were allowed to camp out there. Parents were contacted and advised there is no camping allowed there and were also advised of curfew laws.


Officers responded to a residence for a child custody issued. While dropping off the children the couple had an argument. The mother refused then to leave the children. The father was advised to contact Family Court to file a complaint.


Resident contacted the police in reference to a cat carrier containing a pregnant female cat. Resident is involved in a cat rescue organization. There were no identifiers on the carrier or the cat to determine where the cat came from.


Officers responded to the 100 block of Delaware Street for a structure fire. Smoke was coming from the rear of the building. Officers evacuated the building and the Woodbury Fire Department extinguished the fire. It was determined careless smoking was the cause of the fire on the second story balcony. Cost to make repair is unknown at this time.


Officers responded to a suspicious vehicle parked behind a store on N. Broad Street. While speaking to the occupants, officers observed open alcohol inside the vehicle. Charges were filed against the driver.


Officers responded to a male and female arguing in S. Broad Street in the area of Curtis Avenue. Officers could hear them arguing over a block away. Both subjects were identified and issued breach of peace summonses.


A home health aide contacted police regarding her patient who suffers from dementia. As the home health aide arrived to the residence the patient was not home. This is not the first time the female had left home without telling anyone. Officers checked the area with negative results for the female. A pick up and hold was put out for the well being of the patient. Later in the evening the home health aide reported the resident had returned home unharmed.


City Hall employee reported a vehicle driven by Woodbury Heights employees but parked at city hall has a new dent in the side. A check will be made with Woodbury Heights officials to determine if the damage is new.


Officers responded to the Rite Aid Pharmacy for a shoplifting. The accused was located in the rear parking lot and identified by store employees. Accused was placed under arrest and charged with shoplifting. He was served with his summons and advised not to return to the Rite Aid store again.



Property maintenance letters were sent to a resident on Lupton Avenue. Officers will follow up in 10 days.


Acme store employees reported a shoplifting. Surveillance cameras showed a white male leaving the store with seafood under his shirt. Investigation ongoing.


A vacant residence on Myrtle Avenue was burglarized. Suspects cut copper piping from the property. Investigation is ongoing.


An abandoned vehicle warning sticker was placed on a vehicle in the lot behind the Pep Boys Store. Officers will follow up in 48 hours and take any appropriate action.


Subjects broke into a city owned vehicle while it was parked by Woodbury City Hall. The rear passenger side window was broken but no items appeared to have been taken.





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