Activity Report

Calls for Service June 17-19, 2011

Officers responded to Lincoln Street for a report of a disturbance. Two adult males were arguing and threatened to do physical harm to each other. Both were placed under arrest for disorderly conduct and issued summonses for their actions.

 A 23 year old Woodbury resident came into headquarters to report a case of domestic violence. She reported her ex-boyfriend assaulted her during an argument over visitation. After further investigation, charges of assault were filed.

 Officers responded to the area of South Broad Street for a domestic violence incident. Upon completion of the investigation, charges were signed against the 26 year old Sewell male for domestic violence simple assault.

Officers responded to Lincoln Street for a threat and harassment complaint. Complainant stated the 29 year old Bridgeton male continuously calls his home wanting to speak with his daughter. Today the complainant stated the subject threatened him. Both parties were advised to stay away from each other and were advised of the process for signing complaints.

 A 30 year old West Deptford resident was admitted to Underwood Memorial Hospital. Drugs were found in his possession. Hospital personnel turned the drugs over to police officers. Charges were filed against the male for possession of CDS.

 Officers were dispatched to South Broad Street for a 40 year old male urinating in public, yelling and causing a disturbance. The male was located and due to his disorderly behavior was taken into custody. It appeared the male was highly intoxicated. The male was later charged with lewdness and disorderly conduct.

 A Marlton, NJ resident was sent a warning letter regarding an abandoned vehicle on a Dare Street property. Officers will follow up in 10 days

 Officers were dispatched for an activated burglar alarm at the Woodbury Variety store.  A top pane of glass on the front south side door was smashed and a broken piece of block was found inside and outside the door. Incident is still under investigation. It is unknown at this time the value of the items taken. A copy of the store surveillance video will be obtained from the store owner.

 Officers responded to the area of Penn and Lincoln Streets for a report of a child having been bitten by a dog. It appeared the dog escaped from the yard due to a broken piece of fencing. The owner is currently out of town and will provide all necessary information for this investigation upon return.

 An off duty officer observed a 55 year old Woodbury resident give alcoholic beverages to minors. The minors left the area on bicycles. The juveniles were later located. The alcoholic beverages were recovered from the juveniles. The juveniles were transported to headquarters where they were later released to their appropriate guardian. Each was charged with possession of alcohol by a minor. The adult male was later served with a summons for providing alcohol to minors pending court in Woodbury Municipal court.

 Officers responded to Walgreen’s Pharmacy for a suspected shoplifting. The surveillance video was able to show the registration of the vehicle the suspect had been driving. The suspect later responded to police headquarters and denied shoplifting any items from Walgreen’s. She was advised she was no longer welcome in the Walgreen’s and at this time there will be no charges.

Police received a call of a subject at the bus stop on N. Broad Street threatening suicide. Officers located the 28 year old Bellmawr resident. He stated he had no intention of harming himself but just wanted to be done with his ex-girlfriend. When he stated “get away” he meant to get away from her. He was extremely agitated, using profanities. After several warnings to calm down and stop using profanity, he was issued a summons for breach of peace. He again confirmed he had no intention of harming himself and just wanted his ex-girlfriend to leave him alone.

 A Drexel Street resident reported someone broke a glass beer bottle in his driveway overnight. He did not see anyone in the area. It did not appear the bottle struck or damaged anything. He was advised to contact the police if any damage was located or there were any further problems.

 Gloucester Township Police contacted headquarters regarding a vehicle used in their town during a drug deal that went wrong. They advised a silver handgun was suspected to be in the vehicle. The vehicle was registered to a Maple Street resident. Officers located the vehicle on Maple Street. The driver, a 32 year old Woodbury resident was taken into custody and turned over to Gloucester Township Police for their investigation.

 Officers responded to the East Coast Gas Station for a fight in progress. According to witnesses, the vehicle started to pull away from the gas pump and the attendant had to remove the nozzle quickly to avoid any damage to the pump.  When the attendant went to the vehicle window for payment, the passenger exited the vehicle and began punching the attendant. The suspect stated the attendant leaned into the vehicle yelling at the driver and started choking her. The driver did not say anything about being assaulted, had no signs of injury or appeared to be in any distress. The suspect was charged with simple assault.

During a visit to a Carpenter Street residence, Social Services reported a hypodermic needle was uncapped and left on the porch railing. Officer’s investigation revealed the resident is in possession of a card for needle exchange. She was advised to property dispose of the needles so there is no unnecessary injury.

 Officers responded to a High Street residence for an assault. The caller who appeared to have been drinking, was highly agitated and stated her neighbor took her phone and assaulted her. The caller stated although the phone is registered to her neighbor, it was returned to her home by the postal service in error. The caller stated she decided to keep the phone. As her neighbor came to get the phone, both parties were pulling on it. The caller was shoved to the ground. The caller was advised on how to sign complaints with the court clerk’s office. Attempts to reach the neighbor were unsuccessful.

 A Stuart Street resident contacted the police regarding the father of her grandchild harassing her. She does not wish for the 25 year old city resident to contact her residence or visit the home. She was advised on how to have her daughter contact Family Court to pursue a child custody order to avoid any future problems. The complainant was also advised on how to sign complaints with the court clerk’s office.

 A Cooper Street resident reported he wanted to change his visitation hours with his children. The mother of his children apparently became upset as he had changed the times of visitation for various reasons. The complainant is concerned the children’s mother will cause a problem for him at his rental home causing an effect on his rental assistance. The male was advised to seek assistance from Family Court regarding obtaining a child custody order which would help both parties.

 During a motor vehicle stop on a vehicle with Florida registration plates, the operator of the vehicle had the vehicle registered with a Woodbury, NJ residence. He reported he was staying with the mother of his children here in Woodbury. The officer checked the rental agreement system and the driver was not on the lease. Both parties were issued a summons for violating the rental agreement.


Calls for Service June 16, 2011

Officers responded to a complaint from a parent regarding her child and possible sexually explicit Facebook conversations. She was advised to keep copies of these conversations. The detective bureau will follow up on this investigation.


A road rage incident that started in Woodbury then ran through West Deptford Township and East Greenwich Township.  The complainant stated two vehicles were following her and attempting to run her off the road. Officers in West Deptford were able to stop the accused vehicles. The victim was advised on how to sign motor vehicle complaints.


Officers responded to a dispute on Franklin Street. A male and female were arguing in the street. They were separated and advised on how to sign complaints for harassment.


Taste of South Philly Pretzel Factory advised the air conditioner on the roof was damaged by someone cutting the wires and damaging the Freon pipe rendering the air conditioner inoperable.


Officers conducted a motor vehicle stop on a vehicle wanted in regard to an incident in Woolwich Township. The passenger in the vehicle had warrants from Woolwich Township and the Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office Fugitive Unit. The accused was placed under arrest and turned over to Woolwich Township Police Department.



Calls for Service June 15, 2011

Officers observed a truck with two occupants behind the LukOil on N. Broad Street after business hours. The occupants were questioned as to the purpose of them being there. Further investigation revealed they were scrapping metal from behind the property. In plain view in the truck was a McDonald’s cup which contained a glass/Pyrex pipe commonly used to smoke crack/cocaine. Both subjects were charged with possession of CDS paraphernalia, theft and trespassing. Both were lodged in the Gloucester County Jail in default of bail. 

Officers responded to a theft of services call at Captn’s Corner. A customer had paid his bill with a debit card and left the restaurant. The card was denied. Investigation to continue

Officers observed a 48 year old Paulsboro resident on Lafayette Avenue drinking from a large red can. As the officer made contact with the subject, the red can was a 24 ounce open Budweiser beer. A warrant check revealed an active warrant on the subject from West Deptford Township. The accused was released on his own recognizance for the warrant and issued a summons for open alcohol in public.

28 year old City resident reported she parked her vehicle in front of her apartment leaving the keys in the ignition and her purse on the front seat while she ran back into her apartment. The vehicle was unlocked. Upon her return her Coach bag was missing. After searching the area, the victim located her purse in a dumpster. Her cash and two packs of cigarettes were missing. She advised there are video cameras in the property that pointed to where her vehicle was parked. Officers will contact management to obtain a copy of the video.

Woodbury resident reported he has been receiving harassing/threatening telephone calls and messages from his friend’s husband from whom she is separated. Officers contacted the accused and advised him to cease making the threatening calls. He denied threatening the complainant. Complainant was advised to contact the police immediately if he should have any further contact with the accused.

Employees of Images Salon reported two males entered the salon and were looking around. They looked at the hair products and left. They both returned again and went to the products area. One male had a brief conversation with one of the employees. Both males then left the salon without making any purchases or appointment. Employees felt this was suspicious behavior. Employees were advised if the males return to contact the police immediately. Extra patrols will be performed in the area.

Officers responded to the area of E. Centre Street for a 24 year old city resident who stated the father of her child left her residence with her cell phone, gift card and cell phone minutes card. She provided a description to officers. The accused, 27 year old Glassboro resident was located. Found in his possession were the items described. He was placed under arrest for the theft. He was served with his summons and released. The items will be retained as evidence.

Officers were dispatched to a Penn Street residence for a complaint of harassing/threatening phone calls. Resident stated his cousin has been calling from a restricted number threatening him. The complainant was advised a report would be on file and to contact the police immediately if he receives any further calls.

A 49 year old Deptford woman fell while running this morning southbound on N. Broad Street. She felt the reason she fell was from uneven sidewalks. She went home immediately to clean out her injuries and denied hospital assistance at this time.

Officers issued the owner/landlord of a High Street residence two unlicensed rental violations. The rental property consists of two rental units and is not licensed with the City.

Officers issued the owner/landlord of a West Centre Street residence an unlicensed rental violation. The rental property is not licensed with the City.

Officers responded to a noise complaint in the Franklin Street area. On arrival no noise could be heard by the officers. The property owner advised he was working on his property and his neighbor said he was being too loud. Property owner was sent a letter regarding property maintenance for having trash and debris in his rear yard. Officers will follow up in ten days.

Officers were dispatched to Wallace Street to speak with a resident regarding his cousin and his relationship with his girlfriend. No complaints were signed. The resident just wanted the police to be aware of the potentially volatile situation.


Calls for Service June 13, 2011

A South Evergreen Avenue resident reported an unwanted person knocking on their rear door. Upon arrival the subject was sitting on the back deck consuming alcohol. The 54 year old Camden male could not provide officers a reason for his presence at the residence. Through questioning it was learned he was friends with one of the residents. The male had three outstanding warrants. He was placed under arrest on the warrants. Subject was additionally charged with disorderly persons and possession of open alcohol on a summons. He was lodged in the Gloucester County Jail in default of his bail on the warrants.


A 22 year old Woodbury resident was observed driving his vehicle in the park between Towne Liquors and the Moss Rehab Center. He then drove on the sidewalk turning onto S. Broad Street. Officers performed a motor vehicle stop. Subject was charged with trespassing in the park, careless driving and driving on the sidewalk.


The owner of Autumn Woods Apartments advised police the copper downspouts were stolen from the building sometime in the early morning hours. The value of the copper is unknown at this time. They were the original pieces and have aged approximately 50 years. The owner will copy the surveillance tape for further police investigation.


A 25 year old Gloucester City intoxicated female was located in the parking lot of McDonalds. Officers stated she had walked in front of the police car while the officer was driving through the lot. Upon identification it was discovered the female had two outstanding warrants. She was placed under arrest and later released on her own recognizance to a friend along with a summons for disorderly conduct.


Officers received a complaint of two males sitting at the Woodbury Court Apartments causing a disturbance. Officers located two city of Woodbury residents on the property with cans of open alcohol. Neither subject resided at the property. Both were charged with trespassing and possession of open alcohol.


An anonymous citizen reported three people were in a small boat fishing in Woodbury Creek. The three occupants, one female and two males were causing a disturbance on the water, drinking alcohol and using profane language. Officers were able to have the occupants pull their vessel along to the side of the creek. They were advised as to why they were being stopped. The Brooklawn female resident apologized for her behavior and was released with a summons. The two Woodbury Heights males were placed under arrest for their continued disorderly behavior. Both were later released with summonses.


A Sicklerville resident contacted police in regard to a vehicle purchase he had made in town and was not happy with. He was advised he did sign legal documents with the dealership and this is now a civil matter. He was referred to civil court.


An East Red Bank Avenue resident reported her vehicle was taken without her consent. The vehicle was later located in Pennsauken. The resident did not wish to pursue the matter any further at this time.


Two owners of properties on Washington Avenue were sent a letter regarding property maintenance. Officers will follow up on the matter in ten days.


A Delaware Street resident reported her mountain bike was stolen from inside her garage. A picture of the bike was provided. The incident is still under investigation.


A 57 year old National Park resident was placed under arrest for driving while intoxicated on N. Broad Street. It was also discovered there were two active warrants for his arrest. West Deptford Police Department picked up the subject. He was released to their custody along with other traffic summonses.


Officers were called to the Woodlake Apartment complex for criminal mischief to a vehicle. While on location officers learned of another resident at the apartment who is banned from the property. The 29 year old Somerdale resident was placed under arrest charged with trespassing and occupant standard violations.


Officers responded to Carpenter Street for a theft of a Craftsman Lawn mower. The lawn mower is valued at $200.00. Incident is still under investigation.


While on patrol officers discovered the window air conditioning unit was taken from the window of the old Barlow Buick property. It does not appear that entry was made into the building.


A 32 year old Paulsboro resident turned himself in to police headquarters on an outstanding Gloucester County Sheriff’s Department warrant. Subject was turned over to the Sheriff’s Department. He was lodged in the Gloucester County Jail in default of bail.



Calls for Service June 10-12, 2011

A Woodbury resident reported to officers she had allowed her friend from Paulsboro to use her cell phone while at the McDonald’s. When her friend had finished talking on the phone, she threw it in the lake. Charges are pending. 

Officers responded to Walgreen’s for a suspected female shoplifter. This was discovered to be unfounded however her companion had an active Deptford Township warrant. The Erial resident was placed under arrest. He posted bail with Deptford Township and was released with a new court date.

 A 51 year old West Deptford resident was placed under arrest for driving while intoxicated.

Officers responded to the WaWa for a 22 year old female, Verga resident, who was clearly intoxicated and not cooperative about the details of her arrival to WaWa. She became belligerent toward officers and continued to use profanities. She was taken to her residence where she was turned over to her father for safe keeping. Subject was issued a municipal ordinance summons for breach of peace for her disruptive behavior.

 While on patrol in the area behind 39 S. Broad Street, officers observed a 60 year old City resident urinating in public. Subject was issued a special complaint summons for his actions.

 Officers responded to the Walnut Street area for a family argument. No complaints were signed at this time.

 A female resident wanted to document with the police department ongoing problems with her leaky roof that the landlord has not yet repaired. Water was dripping through the ceiling onto her furniture. She has made numerous attempts to contact her landlord with negative results. Resident will also contact the City Housing Inspector.

 Woodbury resident contacted the police in regard to a suspicious package she had received. The package was addressed to a deceased family member. Upon opening the package, it appeared to contain suspected marijuana. Officers took custody of the card and the package of suspected marijuana.

 Twenty year old Myrtle Avenue resident advised he inadvertently left his vehicle doors unlocked and his wallet in the vehicle. When he returned to the vehicle, his wallet was stolen. He was advised to cancel all credit/debit cards.

Officers responded to the Walgreen’s for a theft of newspapers. Surveillance video shows a black male walking to the front door and removing the newspapers. The male then walked toward S. Broad Street in an unknown direction. Total value of the newspapers is $2.50.

A twenty nine year old female city resident was observed walking south on S. Broad Street drinking from a can wrapped in a black plastic bag. When she was stopped by officers the plastic bag contained a ¾ full cold can of beer. She was issued a special summons for possession of open alcohol in public. The can of beer was disposed of properly.

Officers issued an occupant standard violation to a 63 year old city resident. The violation was issued for the subject living at the rental unit and not being on the lease. He is not a registered tenant at the apartment or at the rental complex.

A thirty four year old West Deptford resident was observed walking south on S. Broad Street drinking from a can of beer. The suspect was stopped and he did in fact have ½ full cold can of beer. Subject was issued a special summons for possession of open alcohol in public. The can of beer was disposed of properly.

 A 49 year old Woodbury resident and a 34 year old Mt. Royal resident were involved in a disturbance on Penn Street.  Each claimed the other assaulted him. Both were advised a report would be on file if they wished to sign complaints. Both parties were advised to avoid each other to prevent tensions from escalating.

 The owner of a property on Tatum Street was sent a letter regarding the high grass and weeds on the property. Officers will follow up on the property maintenance in ten days.

 A violation of occupant standards was issued to a Delaware Street resident. The subject is currently on probation and has used that address as his residence. He is not on the lease.



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