Activity Report

Calls for Service July 13, 2011

Officers were dispatched to Underwood Memorial Hospital Emergency Room for two females who stated they were assaulted and robbed at the Wawa. Further investigation revealed the 23 year old Turnersville resident and 20 year old Thorofare resident were actually assaulted in Camden City and not Woodbury. Both were charged with filing a false police report and obstruction of justice.



A landlord for a Laurel Street residence discovered the bilco doors to the basement of the home were taken off the hinges, allowing access to the property. Nothing appeared to be missing or damaged inside the residence. The landlord stated no one was to be on the property and asked officers to make extra patrols. If anyone is located inside the property, charges will be filed.



Officers responded for a call of possible criminal mischief to a vehicle. The 22 year old Woodbury resident stated she has had some problems in the past with acts of criminal mischief to her vehicle. While driving today the vehicle started to run rough. She discovered the gas door open and fears someone tampered with the cap or put some substance in the gas tank. If she can supply any further information, she will contact the police department.


An East Red Bank Avenue resident reported her home was burglarized while she was out of town. When she arrived home the front door was open. Someone removed a window air conditioning unit as well as a flat screen TV. A check of the exterior of the property was negative for any point of entry. The apartment was not able to be processed as the tenant had already entered the home.


Officers were dispatched to a High Street residence for a theft complaint. Resident stated a friend was over helping her recover from a motor vehicle crash. When her friend left, miscellaneous food items were missing as well as a NJ State Income Tax check belonging to her son. The resident wanted the incident documented for the possibility of future complaints.


Calls for Service July 12, 2011

Two 18 year old Woodbury males were involved in a fight in the parking lot of the Woodbury Child Development Center. Each stated they have been having ongoing problems with each other. As the fighting started to escalate, one of the males and his father got into their vehicle and attempted to pull away at a high rate of speed. While doing so, another individual was struck with the open car door. The vehicle also struck a parked car. All were placed under arrest, served with their summonses and released pending court.


A Spring Street resident reported to police she suspected an 18 year old Sewell male took money from her pocketbook while he was visiting at the home. The suspect denied taking the money however offered to return the money to the resident. Complaints are pending at this time.


A 49 year old Franklin Street resident wished to speak with officers regarding harassment complaints. There have been ongoing issues with the two neighbors, both stating the other is harassing them. Each were advised to stay away from each other. Both subjects were advised a report would be on file and to contact the police department if there were any further problems.


An individual reported to police a suspicious person at the Family Dollar Store. Officers located the male matching the description given. The 51 year old Deptford resident has been advised previously he is not permitted in the store. He was placed under arrest and charged with defiant trespassing.


A complaint was signed for occupant standard violations against a 33 year old male Woodbury resident. The suspect provided his address to the New Jersey State Parole Board but he is not a registered tenant of the property.


Calls for Service July 11, 2011

Officers stopped a 25 year old Woodbury resident trespassing on the railroad tracks. A warrant check revealed Gloucester County Sheriff’s Department and Camden County Sheriff’s Department had active warrants on the subject. He was placed under arrest and subsequently turned over to the Gloucester County Sheriff’s Department on their warrant.


A 43 year old Woodbury female contacted 911 stating food was stolen from her apartment a few days ago. Officers explained the 911 emergency line to the resident. She was charged with disorderly conduct for misuse of the 911 system.


Officers were called to the CVS parking lot for someone attempting to sell a gift card. Officers located the 32 year old Paulsboro resident approaching customers trying to sell a gift card. He was charged on a municipal ordinance summons for soliciting.


Officers responded to Hopkins Street for a property damage report. One of the tenants removed the front door to move furniture inside but did not re-hang the door properly. The landlord advised she would have to hire someone to repair the door.


Officers responded to a Curtis Avenue residence for a dispute.  The 29 year old female resident stated she became involved in a verbal dispute with a friend of her uncle’s while in the residence. The 51 year old Delaware resident stated the female was being loud and disruptive. The female left the residence. Both were advised of the procedure to sign complaints.


A 17 year old Gouldtown, NJ resident and an 18 year old Woodbury resident were placed under arrest for armed robbery in the area of Lake Drive. Victim stated he was approached by the two suspects who displayed a handgun to him and then took his $20.00. The adult suspect was charged and later released.  The juvenile suspect was charged and lodged in the juvenile facility.


Officers were dispatched to a Walnut Street residence for a possible overdose. The three occupants had smoked incense from a “bong” and were now feeling sick. All three were transported to Underwood Memorial Hospital for treatment. Each was served with a summons for possession of CDS paraphernalia.


Three Holroyd Place residents reported their vehicles were vandalized overnight. The damage appeared to be caused by a key being scratched along the side of the vehicles.


Officers responded to Walgreen’s for a subject attempting to return an item with a receipt that did not match.  The subject had taken an item off the shelf of the store then returned it against the receipt he had on his person. The 54 year old Salem resident was placed under arrest for shoplifting. It was later learned he had an outstanding warrant from Deptford Township and one in Camden City. Each department later released the suspect on his own recognizance. He was issued his summons, served with his paperwork and released pending court.


The landlord of a Progress Avenue residence contacted the police in reference to a theft complaint. The previous tenants are suspected of taking the copper piping from the heating unit and tampering with the electrical service. Neighbors had photographed the previous tenants tampering with the electric meter. The tenants were charged with theft of services by tampering with the electric service.


A summons was issued to a 27 year old Woodbury male for an occupant standard violation. The male had used this address for the New Jersey State Parole Board and is not on the lease.

While stopping a motor vehicle in the area of N. Broad Street the driver was found to have a suspended license as well as an outstanding warrant from Mt. Ephraim Boro. The subject was released on his own recognizance by Mt. Ephraim Boro and issued two motor vehicle summonses.








Calls for Service July 7, 2011

Officers observed a 25 year old Paulsboro resident in an area where he was violating a Drug Offender Restraining order. Officers attempted to stop the subject but he took off on his bicycle. After a foot chase involving the subject falling off his bicycle, he was placed under arrest. Search incident to arrest revealed numerous CDS pills in his pants pocket. Suspect faces numerous related charges and was lodged in the Gloucester County Jail in default of bail.

 Officers located a suspicious vehicle parked in the rear of the YMCA lot. Upon investigating it was learned the 24 year old Woodbury Heights occupant had a warrant out of Monroe Township. He was placed under arrest on the warrant. Subject was unable to post bail and was turned over to Monroe Township Police Department.

 Police and Fire officials responded to a fire alarm on N. Broad Street. A damaged sprinkler head set off the alarm in the parking garage area. The Fire Chief was able to contact building maintenance and advise them of the situation.

 Officers responded to Carriage House Apartments for a domestic dispute. The 48 year old male suspect was in violation of a no trespass order. He was placed under arrest. Suspect was later released with his summons and advised not to return to the apartment complex.

 Officers were dispatched to a verbal dispute on Russell Street. Neither party wished to pursue any complaints and both were advised a report would be on file.

 Police responded to Carriage House Apartments for a domestic dispute. The 48 year old male suspect was charged with trespassing, disorderly conduct and occupant standard violations for living at the apartment without being on the lease. The 56 year old female suspect was charged with occupant standard violations for allowing someone to live in the apartment and not being on the lease.

 Officers stopped a 29 year old female Deptford residence for walking across traffic in the area of S. Broad Street. It was discovered she had 4 active warrants. She was placed under arrest. At headquarters each municipality released the female on her own recognizance. She was served with her summons and released.

 Officers responded to the South Broad Street area for a suspicious incident. Caller stated a male rode a bicycle into the parking lot and hid it in the bushes. Officers located the male who stated he was visiting his aunt and did not want to have a problem with his bicycle. He was advised to remove the bicycle.

 A 47 year old Woodbury resident reported to police while he was at the Woodbury Variety Deli on July 5, someone removed his Patriot mountain bike while he was in the store. Officers checked the surrounding area for the bicycle with negative results.

 A South Columbia Street resident reported he is being harassed through the internet by a person he had made contact with attempting to purchase a bicycle. The resident wanted to document the incident. He was advised to contact the police should he have any further problems.

 Officers responded to a harassing phone call made to the Recruiters Office. Military security was advised of the call. All protocol was followed according to military guidelines.

 Officers located a vehicle on N. Broad Street without a valid registration. The operator of the vehicle was unable to provide any of the required paperwork. The 56 year old male Deptford residence was found to have an active warrant from Magnolia Boro. He was placed under arrest. He was later released by Magnolia Boro on his own recognizance along with several traffic summonses.

 Property maintenance supervisor for Woodbury Court Apartments advised police he had security video of a female attempting to break into one of the apartments. Entry was not made. The 24 year old Westville resident was identified and advised not to return to the property.

 Officers observed a 40 year old Philadelphia, Pa. resident talking on his cell phone while driving his motor vehicle. The vehicle was stopped at which time the operator became extremely irate, screaming at other vehicles and pedestrians. He was advised several times to calm down. The operator was charged with disorderly conduct along with several traffic violations.


Calls for Service July 6, 2011



Officers responded to Edith Avenue for a complaint of criminal mischief. The resident reported while driving north in the area of N. Broad and Red Bank Avenue, a vehicle drove past her southbound and threw an egg at her car. The front driver’s side door did have egg on it and damage to the paint. Officers checked the area but were unable to locate any suspects.

 Officers were dispatched to the Woodlake Apartments for two suspicious subjects. Both subjects were located. The 20 year old male resident was found to have an active warrant out of Westville. The 18 year old Westville resident was found to have two active warrants from the City of Woodbury. Both were placed under arrest. Both subjects were released on their own recognizance pending a future court date.

 Police were called to Myrtle Avenue to check the well being of a male passed out on a set of steps. The 47 year old Woodbury resident appeared to have been drinking. He collected his belongings and stated he would go inside for the evening.

Officers observed a pedestrian crossing the street at N. Broad and Red Bank Avenue against the traffic signal causing oncoming traffic to stop abruptly. The 37 year old Woodbury resident was stopped in the parking lot of McDonald’s Restaurant.  It was learned he had an outstanding Washington Township warrant and he was placed under arrest. He was later released on his own recognizance with a new court date. He was also issued a summons for obstruction of a roadway.

 Police were called to the Prince Street area for a dog running at large. Neighbors were able to advise the officers where the dog lived. It was placed back in the yard. Officers were unable to make contact with the dog’s owner.  The owner was issued a summons for allowing her dog to run at large. A check of the Woodbury Dog Census showed the dog was not registered with the City of Woodbury. The owner was also issued a summons for this charge.

The manager of CVS Pharmacy contacted the police for a male who had taken a shopping cart off the property and was walking with the cart on Red Bank Avenue. Officers located the male walking with the shopping cart. He stated he found the cart on N. Broad Street. The subject was issued a complaint for the removal of a shopping cart from a commercial establishment.

A 56 year old Sewell resident reported to police he had lent some money to a friend. The 39 year old Penns Grove resident repaid him with a money order. As per TD Bank, it was counterfeit. The complainant was advised on how to sign complaints with the court clerk’s office.

 A 44 year old Woodbury businessman reported to police he is receiving harassing telephone calls from a client. Officers attempted to reach the suspect via telephone but we only able to leave a message advising the client to stop calling or harassment complaints would be signed.






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