Activity Report

Calls for Service July 20, 2011

Officers were called to a Columbia Boulevard residence. A male had entered the home and assaulted a visitor. Investigation revealed this incident to be domestic violence related. Suspect was charged and lodged in the Gloucester County Jail in default of bail.


A 47 year old West Deptford resident sustained damage to the undercarriage of her vehicle while driving through the CVS parking lot. The pot hole was filled with water as the asphalt had washed away. Amount of damage is unknown at this time.


Officers were dispatched to the emergency room of Underwood Memorial Hospital for an unruly patient. The patient assaulted two members of the staff. She was subsequently charged with simple assault and disorderly conduct for using profanities.


Officers responded to Dare Street for a child custody issue. The child was eventually turned over to the proper guardian in accordance with court orders. The dispute between the females resulted in one female being charged with disorderly conduct. A second female was charged with simple assault, disorderly conduct and obstruction of justice.




Calls for Service July 19, 2011

A 31 year old Thorofare resident advised police while shopping at the Acme today, she left her cell phone in the shopping cart. When she returned to retrieve it, the phone was gone. Acme surveillance video reveals the victim leaving the cart in the lobby. A short time later an unidentified male was observed taking something from the same cart prior to shopping in the Acme. Further identification procedures of the male are currently being investigated.

 A 30 year old Philadelphia, Pa. resident turned herself into police headquarters on active warrants for her arrest. She was released on her own recognizance and given a new court date.

Police responded to a vacant Glover Street residence for a theft of copper piping. The hot water copper pipe line and approximately 8’ of copper piping leading to an outside faucet was removed. The owner, Gloucester County Housing Authority, was notified of the theft.

Officers sent letters to several residences in regard to high grass and weeds on the properties. Officers will follow up in ten days and take any appropriate action.

 A Watkins Avenue resident reported to police his vehicle was stolen while it was parked in front of his residence. The vehicle was locked and the keys were not with it. The vehicle was entered NCIC.

 Officers were dispatched to a Park Drive residence for the theft of a property address sign. The resident stated the sign is oval shaped with a rectangular base, made of metal. The owner feels the sign was stolen by someone scrapping for metal.

Officers responded to a vacant property on Penn Street for a burglary. It appears the side door window pane was broken out to gain entry. The copper pipes were taken from the basement of the property. The owner, a Philadelphia, Pa. resident, was notified.

 In the process of a motor vehicle traffic stop, it was discovered the operator of the vehicle had an active warrant. The driver was also operating the vehicle with a suspended license. The subject was released on her own recognizance on the warrant and issued appropriate traffic summonses.

Officers responded to the Woodbury Court Apartments for a suspicious male on the property. A 36 year old Woodbury Heights male resident was located and admitted cutting through the property. The complex is posted “No Trespassing” and police received a complaint specifically for him trespassing on the property. He was issued a complaint summons for trespassing and advised not to return to the property.

 Two High Street residents were issued summonses for violation of occupancy standards. The registered tenant was issued for allowing an unauthorized person to live at the rental and not being on the lease. The second subject was cited for living at the rental and not on the lease.

 A 26 year old California resident turned herself into police headquarters on outstanding warrants. She was released on her own recognizance by local municipalities. The State Police wished to take custody of the female on their warrant. Subject was released to the New Jersey State Police.




Calls for Service July 18, 2011

Officers observed a 27 year old male trespassing at the Woodlake Apartments. The male has been previously warned and was served a No Trespassing letter by Woodlake Management. A complaint summons was issued.


While on a traffic stop, officers learned the 69 year old Turnersville female had a suspended driver’s license and an outstanding warrant. The female was released on her own recognizance on the warrant and issued two traffic summonses.


Occupant standard violation complaints were issued to a 26 year old male living in a rental unit and not on the lease.


Police were dispatched for a criminal mischief complaint. The complainant, a 29 year old city resident, stated she drives for Holcomb Bus Services and while her bus was parked in a vacant lot on S. Broad Street, unknown actor/s threw a rock through a window on the passenger side of the bus. Cost of repair is not available.




Calls for Service July 15 - 17, 2011


On a traffic stop for speeding the driver was found to have a suspended license and a warrant for her arrest. The 29 year old Mickleton female was placed under arrest. She was later released on her own recognizance on the warrant with traffic summonses for speeding and driving while suspended.

 Officers were dispatched to a Deptford Avenue residence for a domestic assault. Protocol for domestic violence was followed with simple assault charges filed.

 A Green Street residence contacted the police department in reference to her dog biting her child. She now wanted to surrender the dog to Animal Control. The dog was placed in its crated until Animal Control could respond.

 The manager of Rite Aid reported a shoplifting. The suspect came into the store and concealed a DVD player in his bag. While distracting employees, the suspect also took an unknown amount of batteries from the front of the store. The surveillance video will be reviewed to see if the identity of the shoplifter can be determined.

 Officers responded to the Prince Street area for a dog running at large. The complainant stated this is a common event with the dog getting out of its yard. Officers went to the residents where they were advised they were dog sitting until the owners moved into their new home. A summons was issued for allowing the dog to run at large.

A 31 year old Logan Township female advised police her cell phone and $50.00 was stolen from her purse during the course of the evening. The theft was discovered when she went to the Colonial Diner and tried to pay for her purchases. Colonial Diner management will review their surveillance video to see if the theft occurred while in the diner.

A thirty year old West Deptford resident reported while travelling westbound on Cooper Street an unknown object struck his vehicle damaging the driver’s side mirror. He then observed three juveniles run into Memorial Park. Officers located a cast iron end cap in the roadway that possibly caused the damage to the vehicle. The area was further checked for anyone with negative results.

A Franklin Street resident contacted police regarding a vehicle partially blocking his driveway. Upon police arrival the vehicle was gone. The complainant was advised of the process for signing complaints.

Rite Aid employees reported a shoplifting. The suspect came into the store, remained in one of the aisles for a few minutes then ran out of the store activating one of the alarms. It is unknown what was taken at this time. The area was checked for the suspect according to the description given. No suspect was located. Employees were advised if the suspect should return to contact police immediately.

Officers were dispatched to a Watkins Avenue residence for a possible fight in progress. The 19 year old female resident advised it was only a verbal argument between herself and her 23 year old boyfriend. Further investigation revealed the 23 year old male hiding in the bathroom. A false name was given to police for the male subject who also became irate yelling profanities. Charges of obstruction, disorderly conduct and violation of occupant standards were filed against both subjects.

A West Barber Avenue business advised police concrete footers were left on the rear of his property. The officers went to the residence adjoining the property and advised the owners to have the concrete removed. The owners were unaware it was left behind and would comply immediately in having it removed.

As a postal worker entered the yard of a Cooper Street residence, the owner’s dog charged at him. The dog did not bite the worker only the mailbag. There were no injuries. The dog is up to date on its shots and licenses. The postal worker did not wish to pursue the matter any further but stated he would notify his superior of the incident.

Letters advising residents of violations of the municipal ordinance regarding property maintenance were sent. Officers will follow up on these residences in ten days.

 A 24 year old Glassboro female was issued a summons for disorderly conduct as she was approaching customers of CVS as they entered and exited the store asking them for money. CVS management stated they no longer wished her to be on the property. She was advised not to return to CBS or she would be charged with trespassing.

 The manager of Autumn Woods Apartment complex has advised police a male has been seen numerous times around and in the complex. He has been harassing female tenants to the extent where some of the tenants are afraid to contact the police in fear of their safety. Management provided a description of the male and will check the video surveillance to see if the male can be identified. Management was advised to contact the police immediately if the male should return to the complex.

 A South Evergreen Avenue resident reported criminal mischief to her property by pulling out plants overnight in her front yard. The resident has asked for extra patrols of the area as she has had ongoing issues with similar incidents.






Calls for Service July 14, 2011

Officers observed two males, a 24 year old Woodbury resident and a 23 year old Wenonah resident, walking in the area of S. Barber Avenue drinking from a can. Upon stopping the individuals it was learned the cans were cans of beer. Both were issued summonses for open alcohol in public and released pending court. The beer cans were emptied and disposed of properly.


Officers were called to the Franklin Street area for a harassment complaint. The 78 year old city resident stated he and his neighbor have ongoing issues between them.  He wished to have this documented. He was advised of the procedures for signing a harassment complaint.


Officers responded to the Presbyterian Church for an unwanted male causing a disturbance. Church members advised the 38 year old Williamstown resident went inside the kitchen attempting to take ice cream. When confronted by members, he began to argue and refused to leave. The suspect was charged with breach of peace and advised not to return to the church or he would be charged with trespassing.


A 22 year old West Deptford resident reported he was stabbed while in a motor vehicle on Crescent Avenue. He stated he saw a friend of his running from two white males pursuing him. When the motor vehicle he was in stopped, one of the suspects reached into the vehicle and stabbed the victim. This incident is under further investigation.


A 44 year old Woodbury resident reported to police she has been receiving harassing text messages from the father of her child, a 47 year old Philadelphia, Pa resident. The complainant was advised of her rights under domestic violence. She will report to the court administrator’s office to sign a complaint of harassment.


An anonymous caller reported a Green Street resident was sitting on his porch with a gun. Upon police investigation the gun was not on the porch but was a paintball pistol inside the home. The gun was not loaded and did not have the necessary Co2 cartridge attached. The subject was warned about having the gun outside the property.


A Queen Street resident reported in the overnight hours unknown actor/s entered his vehicle taking a flip screen Alpine radio, an Ipod silver and $150.00 in cash. The actor/s also damaged the molding on the driver’s side door around the door knob.


Officers responded to High Street regarding an assault. On arrival the caller reported she got into an argument with her neighbor who then assaulted her. The 48 year old female neighbor stated both women were involved in an argument and that she was assaulted. Both were advised on the procedure to sign complaints with the court clerk’s office. Both were advised to cease any further contact with one another.


Several vehicles on W. Centre Street were vandalized overnight.  The vehicles were sprayed with a green substance. A plastic bottle labeled Slime Tube Sealant was located in the area. It does not appear any damage was permanent to the vehicles. Officers checked the area with negative results for any suspects.


The manager of Walgreen’s Pharmacy reported while he was reviewing surveillance video of a suspicious female in the store, he discovered the female did commit shoplifting. The female was identified as a 29 year National Park resident. The suspect was placed under arrest and charged with shoplifting. She was also advised not to return to Walgreen’s or trespassing charges will be filed.

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