Activity Report

Calls for Service August 5-7, 2011

Officers responded to a motor vehicle crash involving a bicyclist at the intersection of N. Evergreen and East Red Bank Avenues. The bicyclist was observed sitting next to his bike with a plastic container with an insulating sleeve that had an odor of alcoholic beverage. Witnesses as well as the bicyclist stated he was traveling southbound on N. Evergreen Avenue when he went through a red light and struck the side of a vehicle driven by a 20 year old West Deptford resident. The bicyclist was taken to Underwood Memorial Hospital. He was issued a municipal ordinance summons for possession of open alcohol.


During a traffic stop for an expired registration, it was discovered the operator of the vehicle had a suspended driver’s license and an outstanding warrant out of Gloucester Township. She was placed under arrest and transported to headquarters. She was able to post bail on the warrant and release with her motor vehicle summonses.


Officers were dispatched to the WaWa for a threat complaint. A 28 year old Sicklerville man approached a customer and asked for a ride home. When she stated no, the male made a comment she took as a threat. When the customer went home she contacted police. The male was later stopped in a motor vehicle. He was found to have an active warrant from Gloucester Township. He was released on his own recognizance at the scene. Complaints for threats are pending.


Police were dispatched to the area of S. Barber Avenue for a fight in progress. There was no fight at the time of police arrival. Officers were advised a 36 year old Woodbury resident and a 32 year old Sewell resident were involved in a verbal argument which then turned physical. The Sewell resident reported his girlfriend was struck in the face. They were going to the hospital for treatment. All parties were advised of the procedures to sign complaints.


Officers responded for a group sitting on the roof in the area of S. Broad Street. On arrival officers found the group sitting on the steps outside the apartment. The odor of burnt marijuana was in the air. Officers searched the area where a 26 year old Mantua resident had been seated and located a partially burnt hand rolled cigarette that smelled of marijuana. A search of the suspect’s pockets prior to arrest found a clear black plastic baggie containing suspected marijuana. He was transported to headquarters where he was charged with possession of marijuana and failure to deliver CDS to a law enforcement officer.


While on patrol in a marked unit officer observed a male walk behind the bushes in front of 630 Mantua Avenue. The business was currently closed. As officers approached they could see the male urinating behind the bush. The 53 year old Mullica Hill male was issued a municipal ordinance for lewdness.


A 53 year old Woodbury resident reported to police he had been scammed on Craig’s List and wanted to sign a formal complaint. The resident supplied all the necessary information regarding the scam to police. The item to be purchased was paid for by the complainant and he has been unable to reach the seller or get the item. Complaints were signed for fraud.


A 30 year old Paulsboro resident turned himself in to headquarters on a Woodbury warrant.  The subject was able to post bail and was released on his own recognizance with a new court date.



Calls for Service August 5, 2011

Officers were dispatched to Towne Liquors for a male that had struck a female. On arrival officers located a 25 year old Woodbury resident and attempted to speak with him. The subject became loud and started yelling profanities about being stopped. He was warned to calm down and stop using profanities. He continued to yell and scream profanity. He was placed under arrest and charged with disorderly conduct. The 37 year old female denied anything other than a verbal argument took place.


Officers responded to the Kemble Methodist Church for a 56 year old Woodbury resident who reported his vehicle had been burglarized. Removed from the vehicle was his Magellan GPS and his police Chaplin badge. The badge was entered into NCIC.


Officers were dispatched to the Lake Side Apartment complex for a disturbance. A 36 year old Woodbury male was screaming and banging on his grandmother’s door. His grandmother advised police he had been staying with her even though he was not on the lease. She no longer wished him to stay there. The male became extremely upset, yelling and using profanity despite be advised to stop several times. The male was escorted off the property. He was subsequently charged with disorderly conduct and occupation violation standards for living at the apartment while not being on the lease.


Woodbury Police and Fire Departments responded to the Woodbury Court Apartments for an activated smoke/fire alarm from a vacant apartment. It was learned a resident had an extension cord from the vacant apartment to his apartment and was cooking in the vacant apartment to save on electricity. He was issued a complaint summons for theft of services and he will be advising the property owner of the damage.


Officers responded to the Woodbury Court Apartments for an intoxicated male banging on the door. The 48 year old Woodbury resident has been advised numerous times he is not permitted on the property and he is not wanted there. The suspect was placed under arrest and transported to his residence due to his intoxication. He was charged with trespassing on a special complaint.


A 38 year old Woodbury resident reported to police headquarters to turn herself in on an outstanding Woodbury warrant. She was released on her own recognizance and given a new court date.


A 46 year old Camden resident reported to police he left his leather bag and gym bag on a NJ Transit bus. The bags contained his cell phone, medication and various personal papers. NJ Transit advised him to make a police report and also advised him if they locate the bags, they will contact him.


Residents on Woodside Place advised police their home had been burglarized. It appears the actor/s forced their way in through the back screen door. The only items taken were jewelry pieces that had recently been appraised. The owner will make a list of the items taken and supply the same to police.


While on routine patrol officers observed a 65 year old Seabrook resident obstructing the sidewalk by Towne Liquors. The subject stated he was waiting for the bus which was approximately 100 feet away from his location, He was advised he was blocking the sidewalk and to wait for the bus at the proper bus stop. He was issued a complaint summons for obstructing the sidewalk.



A 40 year old Westville resident was in the police lobby causing a disturbance while his mother was attempting to have a matter with the court clerk cleared up. Officers asked the male to please allow the two to continue their conversation without his interruption. The subject became argumentative with officers however he left the building with his mother.


Employees of Woodbury Mews advised they have been receiving harassing telephone calls on the answering machine. The reporting employee did not recognize the voice on the tape. She will have another employee listen to the messages to see if she does recognize the person’s voice. She was advised police will contact her in the very near future to see what they discovered.


Woodbury Nissan reported to police that sometime between July 29, 2011 and August 4, 2011 unknown actor/s removed the rims and tires from a vehicle belonging to the business. The vehicle was parked in their auxiliary lot.



Calls for Service August 4, 2011

A 44 year old West Centre Street resident state he awoke to the sound of juveniles laughing outside his residence along with a hissing sound. Officers discovered a vehicle parked on the street with a flat tire. It appears the air was let out of the tire. Residents were asked to contact the police immediately if they find any additional information to add to this report.


Officers were dispatched to WaWa on N. Evergreen Avenue for a shoplifter who had fled the store. Employees were able to obtain the tag number of the vehicle the accused drove off in. Video surveillance was also available. The male subject was recognized as a 57 year old Woodbury resident. Officers went to the address on record for the accused. It was learned the accused now lived on Maple Street. The accused was at the residence and placed under arrest for the shoplifting.


During a motor vehicle traffic stop, it was learned the 24 year old Woodbury resident had active warrants from the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department. He was placed under arrest and later turned over to the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department. The 35 year old Woodbury resident who was a passenger in the vehicle, was also found to have an active warrant out of Pennsauken. He posted bail and was released with a new court date.


Officers were dispatched to Sanderson’s Florist as two subjects were observed removing two gas space heaters from the property. The owner of Sanderson’s Florist was contacted and stated he did not give anyone permission to remove the heaters. A witness had confronted the two suspects who stated they did have authority to remove the heaters.


Officers responded to CVS for a prescription fraud. The 35 year old Pleasantville male presented a prescription to pharmacists who then contacted the doctor’s office. The prescription was found to be fraudulent. Employees contacted the police and the suspect fled the store. Employees were advised if the male should return to the store, to contact police immediately.


An Edith Avenue resident reported someone smashed the passenger side rear fixed window to his vehicle. The actor/s removed the dome light. The only item taken from the vehicle was the inspection sticker. The sticker was entered NCIC as stolen.


Officers observed a property on South Columbia Street to have trash and debris throughout the property. A letter was sent to the owner regarding the municipal ordinance violation. A follow up will be conducted in 10 days.




Calls for Service July 29-31, 2011

Officers responded to a disturbance in the area of S. Broad and West Streets. A 24 year old Woodbury resident who appeared to be intoxicated, attempted to interfere with the police investigation. He was later charged accordingly.


Officers were dispatched to the area of S. Broad Street for a male and female having a verbal dispute. The 24 year old female had already left the area. The 26 year old Woodbury resident advised officers it was just a verbal argument. He did not wish to sign any complaint. Officers later spoke with the female who also declined to sign any complaint.

A 66 year old Deptford Township male was reported to be driving erratically in the area of Delaware Street. Officers stopped the vehicle and the driver was later charged with driving while intoxicated.


An 83 year old Wilmington, Delaware resident reported to police his credit card had been stolen. The card was used at three locations in the city of Woodbury. The complainant was advised his report would be on file.


Officers responded to W. Centre Street for juveniles in the area throwing something at a resident’s front door. The front storm door of the property was pushed in and damaged. The juveniles were no longer on location. The cost the repair the door is unknown at this time.


Officers observed a small group of young adults in the area of Laurel Street carrying alcoholic beverages. The group did not appear to be of legal age. Upon having contact with the group, a 21 year old Bellmawr resident and an 18 year old Runnemede resident were charged with open container of alcohol. They were released pending court.


A 47 year old Paulsboro man was seen by officers urinating in the area of Wachovia Bank. He was issued a summons for lewdness and released pending court.


Officers were dispatched to Hess Avenue to speak to a resident regarding damage to his work truck. The front windshield was damaged. The impact appears to be a fist or similar sized object. The cost to repair or replace is unknown at this time.


Underwood Memorial Hospital Security contact police in regard to a 26 year old National Park resident who was admitted and had suspected CDS on his person along with a hypodermic needle. The suspect will be charged with possession of CDS and possession of drug paraphernalia.


Woodbury Police and Fire Department responded to East Coast Gas for an oil spill. The area was properly cleaned and the Department of Environmental Control was contacted.


A 71 year old and 61 year old city resident reported they were being harassed by a 34 year old West Deptford resident. Officers were unable to contact the suspect but advised the homeowners should they have any further problems to contact the police immediately.


Police responded for an alleged assault that had taken place on Morris Street. The 25 year old West Deptford female stated she was at a party on Morris Street and the 35 year old male struck her in the face with a fist. The male stated he sustained a scratch to his arm and neck. Neither party wished to sign complaints at this time. Both were advised of the complaint procedure should they change their mind.


Officers were called to a High Street resident for a subject being detained for burglarizing the caller’s vehicle. The caller stated he observed the suspect sitting in the driver’s seat of his relative’s vehicle. As the caller approached the suspect grabbed an item from the vehicle. The caller with the help of family members was able to detain the suspect. The 48 year old Woodbury resident was charged with theft.



Officers stopped a 36 year old Mt. Laurel resident and 47 year old Woodbury resident for crossing S. Broad Street and not using the crosswalk. Both were charged and released from the scene.


A vendor from the Woodbury Farmers Market reported the theft of her cell phone. She was able to provide a description of a possible suspect. Officers searched the area for someone matching the description with negative results.


Officers observed a 48 year old Woodbury resident in the area of Aberdeen and Broad drinking from a black bag. In questioning the resident, he admitted he was drinking alcoholic beverages. He was charged with open alcohol in public. The contents of the cans were destroyed.


While investigating a pedestrian motor vehicle accident on S. Broad Street, officers observed a 36 year old Williamstown resident on the property of the Presbyterian Church. Subject has been advised numerous times he is not to be on the property. He was issued a summons from trespassing and again advised to stay away from the church.


Officers were dispatched to a Maple Street residence for two subjects arguing and a male yelling, knocking on doors. Officer located the men who stated they were arguing over a missing cell phone. The resident wanted his friend to leave and not return. The male left the area without further incident.


Calls for Service July 28, 2011

Police were dispatched to Underwood Memorial Hospital for a patient who was the victim of domestic violence. Offender was placed under arrest. Charges were filed for simple assault.


Officers were dispatched to West Street for a harassment complaint. A 44 year old Woodbury resident stated he was harassed by a 48 year old Woodbury resident. He was advised a report would be on file and  of the procedures to sign a complaint with the court clerk’s office.


Residents of the Woodbury Court Apartments contacted the police for a disturbance. A 48 year old male was in the complex screaming and yelling at them for no reason. The male was located and explained to police why he was upset. He was issued a summons for breach of peace and released.


Officers responded to South Broad Street to speak with a 45 year old Woodbury resident. The complainant stated a 48 year old Woodbury resident continues to harass him every time the two see each other. Complainant stated he would report to the court clerk’s office to sign a complaint.


A 65 year old Woodbury Heights resident reported her motor vehicle was stolen. She had lent the vehicle to a friend who has failed to return the car. The vehicle was entered into NCIC as stolen. The complainant will contact the police if she has any contact with the suspect.


Officers were dispatched to Hendrickson Park for a Deptford resident who stated his vehicle was damaged. Complainant stated he was driving by the park as Woodbury Public Works was cutting the grass and a piece of wood from a branch struck his passenger side front quarter panel. Public Works employees advised him of the steps needed to repair his vehicle.


Officers observed a vehicle parked on Cherry Street with extensive damage. The front tires were worn to the rim and heavily damaged. The vehicle was stickered as abandoned and officers will follow up in 48 hours.


Officers responded to the area of Woodbury Court Apartments for a possible burglary and assault. Further investigation revealed there was a fight between a 24 year old Westville resident, a 26 year old Woodbury resident and a 46 year old Woodbury resident. Research for the current tenant of the apartment showed all three are unauthorized tenants. All three were charged with occupant standard violations. Investigation will continue.



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