Activity Report

Calls for Service August 12-14, 2011

Officers issued a summons to a 36 year old West Deptford resident for scavenging.


Officers responded to an attempted burglary at Impact Collision. A window was found to be broken and the frame of the window partially pushed in. A red brick was found just inside the business below the window. It did not appear as though entry was made to the business. Nothing appeared to be tampered with or damaged.


Officers were called to a Morris Street residence for a fight in progress. Upon police arrival the 20 year old Woodbury resident and 23 year old Williamstown resident stopped fighting. Both were charged with disorderly conduct.


A 19 year old city resident reported to police his bicycle was stolen while he was in the area of Cooper Street. He thought it was taken by a group of juveniles. Officers checked the area and located the bike at the Woodbury Child Development Center. The bike was returned to its rightful owner.


A 31 year old East Red Bank Avenue resident reported someone entered her home and removed approximately $200.00 from her kitchen area. A check of the residence revealed nothing else to be disturbed or tampered with. Officers did not locate any items inside the residence that could be processed.


A 34 year old city resident was observed to be urinating on the side of a building in the 400 block of Mantua Avenue. He was issued a summons and released.


A 51 year old Westville resident reported she lost her credit card. She has contacted the credit card company to notify them of the loss. No one has attempted to use the card at the time of this report.


Woodbury units were dispatched to a N. Columbia Street residence for a tree that had fallen onto a house and the house collapsed. The city construction official and office of emergency management were notified and the scene was turned over to them.


Police were notified by a 57 year old Westville resident his wife was driving his vehicle and got a flat tire in the area of E. Barber Avenue. She was approached by a male who stated he worked at Pep Boys and would repair the tire for her. Pep Boys has denied having the vehicle. The vehicle is now reported as stolen.


Police headquarters suffered roof leak damage as a result of the heavy rain storms.


Domino’s Pizza contacted the police department for someone who called in an order and wanted to pay by credit card. The card came back as stolen. When the caller was advised of this, they hung up. Officers responded to the residence where the call came from but no one was home.


Officers sent property maintenance letters to residents/homeowners in the city. Follow ups will be conducted in ten days.


A 54 year old business owner reported a male came into his store wanting to cash gold coins in for regular dollar bills. He found this suspicious and contacted the police. He was asked to contact the police if the male returns.


A 74 year old city resident reported his car was vandalized. The vehicle was parked in the area of N. Girard Street. Unknown actor/s key scratched the driver’s side door.


A 49 year old city resident reported to police a suspicious email he had received. Further investigation revealed this email to be a scam in an attempt to have money forwarded to North Africa or Russia. The resident was advised of officers findings.


A Colonial Park Apartment resident reported to police several items have been missing from her apartment over the last several months. The items are mostly clothing and food. She has not seen anyone inside her apartment. She will notify management of these incidents.


A 36 year old Marlton man was located lying on the ground in the area of N. Broad and Walnut Street. The male’s feet and legs were over the curb area on the roadway. He advised officers he was just resting before catching the bus to leave town. He was advised to get up and get his feet out of the roadway. He then became abusive toward officers using profanity despite be advised to stop. He was issued a complaint summons for disorderly conduct and released.


A Logan Street resident reported to police his car was damaged. The vehicle had several scuff marks and scratches on the rear driver’s side door. Roofing shingles were found next to his vehicle in the driveway. It appears the shingles were thrown at the vehicle by unknown actor/s.


Officers were dispatched for a 37 year old female bleeding from the stomach. The Paulsboro resident advised while walking past a High Street residence, a 46 year old female, Woodbury resident, tried to start arguing with her and then sliced her with a knife on the right side of her stomach. The Woodbury resident was placed under arrest and charged with aggravated assault. She was lodged in the Gloucester County Jail.


Officers observed a 19 year old Woodbury resident with active warrants. The male was placed under arrest and transported to the Gloucester County Jail in default of bail.


Officers located two males behind the CVS store who stated they were looking to buy the pallets. A 54 year old Woodbury resident was found to have outstanding warrants from Camden City. Camden City released the male on his own recognizance. Both were advised to speak to CVS management prior to going to the rear of the building.


WaWa management reported a vehicle broke down in their parking lot. The owner has not returned to have the vehicle removed. Officers attempted to contact the owner at his residence. A telephone number was provided to the manager to speak with the vehicle’s owner.  If he does not get a response from the owner, the manager will have the vehicle towed.


Officers responded to headquarters for a 24 year old Woodbury resident who wished to report the theft of her keys. She gave the keys to the father of her child who has not returned them. Attempts to reach the 36 year old Clayton resident were negative. The female stated she will wait a little longer before signing the theft complaint.






Calls for Service August 11, 2011

A Holroyd Place resident contacted police to investigate a prowler on the property. Complainant stated she saw a male on her back porch attempting to enter the house. The male fled toward Hunter Street. Officers searched the area for the male with negative results.


On a traffic stop it was learned the driver had outstanding warrants from Camden City and a suspended driver’s license. The 39 year old Camden resident was placed under arrest. He posted bail on his warrants and was released with traffic summonses.


Officers observed a 37 year old Deptford resident in the area of West Barber Avenue, urinating in public. He was detained and issued a summons for lewdness.


Officers responded to Ace Ford for a vehicle that had been entered by an unknown subject. Missing from the vehicle was an I-Pod and a set of headphones. Management will check the security cameras to see if anyone can be seen entering or exiting the vehicle.


A motor vehicle stop was conducted on Delaware Street. The driver was found to have an outstanding Clementon warrant. The 24 year old Sicklerville resident was placed under arrest. The suspect was later released on his own recognizance with a new court date.


Officers were dispatched to a Hunter Street residence for a burglary. The home was ransacked and copper piping was taken as well as personal items of the owner. Incident is still under investigation.




Calls for Service August 10, 2011

Officers were dispatched to Gia Nina’s Restaurant for an irate male screaming at employees. The 45 year old Woodbury resident was upset with the speed the delivery drivers use. The male also confronted a 53 year old male customer. All were advised on procedures to file a complaint.


Officers responded to the Colonial Diner for a stolen cell phone. The complainant stated she believes a customer may have picked it up off the counter. The owner will review the surveillance video to see if the theft is on the surveillance footage.


A 55 year old Woodbury resident was observed sitting on a park bench with an open container of alcohol. He was issued a summons for open alcoholic beverage in public.


Officers spoke with a 56 year old Woodbury resident who reported the inspection sticker was stolen from his vehicle. The vehicle was parked in front of his residence. Pry marks appear to be on the driver’s side window.


Officers responded to the Carriage House Apartments for a 911 hang up call. Officers were able to gain entry to the apartment. Investigation revealed CDS in plain view as well as CDS paraphernalia. Both parties were subsequently charged.


Officers were dispatched to Cooper Street for a threat complaint. The complainant, a 56 year old Woodbury businessman stated a client was threatening him over the phone. Officers attempted to make contact with the suspect, a 53 year old Malaga resident with negative results. The complainant was advised on the procedure to sign complaints.



Calls for Service August 9, 2011

Officers responded to Morris Street for an unwanted person complaint. The 24 year old Westville resident was advised to leave the property and not return or trespassing complaints would be signed. The female later returned again to the property and was charged with trespassing.


Police were dispatched to Underwood Memorial Hospital to assist with a disorderly subject. The accused was yelling various obscenities in front of employees and patients. The 27 year old Paulsboro resident was issued a summons for disorderly conduct.


Officers stopped a 46 year old male city resident who crossed against the pedestrian traffic signal in the area of S. Broad Street and Curtis Avenue. Traffic was delayed and obstructed as vehicles had to stop for the male while he crossed. The male was issued a summons for crossing against the signal.


A 48 year old Maple Shade resident was stuck in the rising water on S. Evergreen Avenue during the severe thunderstorm. The driver was not in any danger. The registered owner made arrangements to have the vehicle towed.


During a motor vehicle stop it was learned the driver of the vehicle had several active warrants. The 49 year old Woodbury Heights resident was placed under arrest and transported to police headquarters. Gloucester County Sheriff’s officers took custody of the accused. He was transported to the Gloucester County Jail in default of bail.


Officers issued a 55 year old city resident a summons for tampering with trash receptacles.


A 19 year old city resident reported to police he lost his identification. A report is on file so new identification can be obtained.


Officers were dispatched to Carriage House Apartments for a burglary. The resident reported someone entered her locked apartment while she was out. Money was taken from the apartment. Incident still under investigation.


Officers responded to a N. Evergreen Avenue residence for a found wallet. The owner of the wallet was contacted and it was returned.


Officers were dispatched to Delaware Street for a 48 year old resident who stated the tenants in a different apartment continuously turn her electric power off. She does not wish to pursue complaints at this time. She has notified the landlord of the problem.


A 26 year old Stratford resident reported to police her debit card missing. She stated she last used it in Woodbury. The card has been used at various locations.



Calls for Service August 8, 2011

Officers responded to the rear of J&D Liquors for a male asking customers for money. On arrival officers were directed to a 50 year old Westville resident who continued to yell and holler profanities as officers were attempting to speak with him. He was charged with disorderly conduct.


As officers were assisting another State agency, a 45 year old Woodbury resident was placed under arrest for outstanding warrants. Subject was turned over to the Gloucester County Sheriff’s Department.


Officers mailed letters to property owners throughout the city in reference to property maintenance issues. A follow up will be conducted in ten days.


A 40 year old Westville resident was arguing with one of the court clerks in the lobby of the police building. As the court clerk was attempting to explain the procedures of signing a complaint, the male became loud and disruptive. The subject called 911 several times while in the lobby yelling at the dispatcher. Officers attempted to speak with the male and advise him he would be receiving a summons for calling 911 continually without an emergent issue. The male left the building. A summons was mailed to his address of record for disorderly conduct.


Officers signed a complaint against a 30 year old Woodbury resident for allowing an unauthorized tenant to be living in the apartment.


Police received a report from a Holroyd Place resident stating he scared off two males that were in his rear yard. Officers located three males in the area of Hunter Street. Two were positively identified as the subjects in the homeowner’s yard. The two were placed under arrest for trespassing. The third subject became loud and disruptive yelling profanities. He was charged with breach of  peace.


On a traffic stop, the two occupants of the vehicle were found to have outstanding warrants. Both were placed under arrest. The 23 year old Swedesboro resident was released on his own recognizance for his warrant from Monroe Township. The 20 year old Swedesboro residence was turned over to East Greenwich Police Department.


Officers issued summonses to a 63 year old Woodbury resident and a 33 year old Woodbury resident for occupant standard violations. The 33 year old male is an unauthorized tenant at the complex.

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