Activity Report

Calls for Service September 6, 2011


While traveling north on N. Broad Street, officers noticed traffic was obstructed ahead of them. As they began moving north, it was discovered the obstruction was a 37 year old Lawnside resident standing n the right lane of traffic. The male was stopped. County dispatch advised there was an outstanding warrant for the suspect. The male was placed under arrest. He was released on his own recognizance with a summons for obstruction of streets.


A 33 year old Clarksboro female was placed under arrest for driving while intoxicated.


Officers were dispatched to the CVS Pharmacy for a shoplifting. Employees advised officers a male entered the store and filled a CVS basket with merchandise and fled the front door of the store. Officers searched the area with negative results for the suspect.


A 31 year old Westville resident reported he lost his wallet and identification. He was advised a report would be on file so he can replace his identification.


While attempting to serve a restraining order to a 50 year old Glassboro resident, he ran away from officers. He was later located and found to have an outstanding warrant. He was served with his restraining order and a summons for hindering apprehension. The suspect was then turned over to Deptford Township Police Department on their warrant.


United Check Cashing reported to police they had received a suspicious package in the mail. The package contained narcotics. The package was turned over to police for further investigation.


A 46 year old Woodbury resident advised she is being harassed by a 29 year old West Deptford resident. Contact was made with the suspect who was advised to have no further contact with the complainant. He stated he understood and would not call again.


Officers observed illegal dumping on a Mantua Avenue property. The owner was contacted and advised police he did not give permission for anyone to use the dumpster. Upon further investigation it was learned a possible suspect was a 37 year old Sewell resident. He was contacted and the debris was cleaned up.


Officers made a motor vehicle stop which was overloaded with metal and had broken glass spilling onto the roadway. The driver was identified as a 20 year old Mantua resident. He was issued a traffic summons and released.




Calls for Service September 2-5, 2011

Officers responded to the Sunoco Gas Station for a robbery. The attendant reported two males approached him and demanded money. The suspects fled the scene. Investigation is ongoing.


A 28 year old female city resident stopped officers and advised them she wanted her 42 year old boyfriend to get away from her. It appeared the female had been drinking. She was advised several times to calm down. Further investigation revealed both parties had outstanding warrants. The female was released on her own recognizance and the male was transported to the Gloucester County Jail.


Officers were dispatched to a Crescent Avenue residence for a family disturbance. The argument was settled and visiting family members left without further incident.


A 50 year old Berlin resident was observed by police drinking alcoholic beverages on S. Broad Street. He was issued a summons for open container of alcohol in public and released. The alcohol was properly disposed of at the scene.


Officers responded to the West End School for a criminal mischief complaint. A 37 year old city resident observed a broken window in the rear of the school.


Officers were dispatched to Hess Avenue for a domestic violence incident. The resident was advised of her domestic violence rights. A warrant was issued for the suspect who remains at large.


A 30 year old Gibbstown resident came to police headquarters regarding a child custody dispute.


A juvenile resident from National Park advised while he was in the area of the Justice Complex his bicycle was stolen. A description of the bike was given to police.


Officers responded to a N. Broad Street residence for a family disturbance. The situation was calmed down and all parties stated everything would be okay for the remainder of the evening.


A 33 year old Carpenter Street resident reported her daughter is being harassed by a Paulsboro resident. She was advised of the procedure to sign complaints with the court clerk’s office.


Officers were dispatched to a High Street residence for a trespassing complaint. The subject stated she has been having an ongoing issue with a 37 year old Deptford residence. The suspect was located and advised to stay away from the complainant. 


Officers responded to the Sunoco Gas station for a domestic violence incident. The suspect a 25 year old Collingswood resident was placed under arrest for simple assault. The 24 year old Westville resident was advised of her rights under domestic violence.


Police were dispatched to the CVS parking lot for a domestic violence incident. The 27 year old Mt. Holly resident advised she and her boyfriend, a 35 year old Camden resident, were involved in an argument. Simple assault charges were filed and the female was advised of her domestic violence rights.


Officers were dispatched to Ace Ford as two vehicles had been broken into. The passenger side windows were broken out and the side view mirrors were removed. The dealership will review the security cameras for any possible suspect. Investigation is ongoing.


Police responded to Hess Avenue for a criminal mischief complaint. According to the 34 year old resident, some unknown actor/s threw eggs at his vehicle while it was parked across the street from his home.


Officers observed a 35 year old male leaning against the front doorway of a S. Broad Street residence. The area is clearly marked as no trespassing, no loitering and no blocking of the doorways.  Further investigation revealed outstanding warrants on the suspect. He was in possession of an alcoholic beverage. The suspect was placed under arrest for the warrants and issued a summons for open container in public.


A 62 year old Davis Street resident reported to police he received a telephone call asking how he liked the dent in his truck. When he went out to check his vehicle he observed scratches on his tailgate. The resident advised police he did not know the cost to have the vehicle repaired at this time.


Officers were dispatched to a Delaware Street residence for a stolen bicycle. The bicycle description was given to police. The area was searched but was negative for the bike.


Police responded to Underwood Memorial Hospital for a 19 year old Wenonah resident who stated he was stabbed while playing basketball in Philadelphia. Philadelphia Police Department was advised of the incident. The patient’s information was provided to them for further investigation.


Officers responded to the Acme Market parking lot for a 58 year old Woodbury resident who appeared to be disoriented and attempting to enter another customer’s vehicle. As police arrived the female was sitting in the passenger seat of her own vehicle. Her family was contacted and picked up the subject.


Police were dispatched to Woodbury Nissan for a report of property damage. It appears a vehicle that was there to have work done was damaged by glass being discarded into a dumpster. The owner of the dumpster stated he would make restitution to the vehicle owner.


Officers responded to the area of Monroe Muffler for damage to the storm drainage system. The storm drain covers were removed also causing damage to the cement foundation.


A 43 year old West Deptford resident reported she lost her wallet. A description of the wallet was given. She has already notified her bank to suspend her cards.


Letters were sent to several residents regarding high grass and weeds. Officers will follow up on the property maintenance violations in ten days.


A 60 year old Woodbury resident reported he fell off his bicycle. A male stopped to help him up and then rode off on his bike. A description of the male and bicycle was given to officers. The area was checked with negative results.


Officers responded to the Durand Thrift Store for a burglary report. Unknown actor/s  gained entry through a door on the roof. Once inside the actor/s removed a safe. The actor/s also opened the rear door and it appears this is how exit was made. The ladder was lowered into the office. The area was checked for the safe with negative results. Incident continues to be under investigation.





Calls for Service September 1, 2011

Officers responded to Captain’s Corner for an unwanted male seated in a vehicle parked in the fire lane. The male stated he was aware he was not to be in the bar but was waiting for his friend to come outside. The 21 year old Blackwood resident then exited the bar. He was issued a summons for parking in a fire zone.


Officers observed a 27 year old Thorofare resident in the area of Logan Street drinking from a can of an alcoholic beverage. He was placed under arrest and an outstanding warrant was also located. The subject posted bail on the warrant and was released with his summons for open container of alcohol in public.


A 53 year old Philadelphia resident and a 65 year old Woodbury resident were detained in the area of S. Broad Street for obstructing the sidewalk. The 53 year old Philadelphia resident had an outstanding warrant. He was placed under arrest. He posted bail on his warrant and was released on his own recognizance.


Officers were dispatched to East Coast Gas for a possible fight. A 46 year old Glassboro resident advised officers while she was waiting for her receipt from her gas purchase and talking to friends, the 56 year old Turnersville resident in the vehicle behind her became aggressive toward her for not moving her vehicle. The subject left when the police were called. Officers attempted to make contact with the driver but were unsuccessful.


Officers responded to N. Broad Street for a Cherry Street resident advising her tires were slashed. The complainant stated her vehicle was parked in front of her Cherry Street residence when the tires were flattened. It appears the tires were flattened by an unknown sharp object.


As a result of follow ups on high grass and weeds violations, officers signed complaint summonses against residents for failing to comply with the municipal ordinance.



Calls for Service August 31, 2011

Officers observed a 52 year old Glassboro resident in the park drinking an alcoholic beverage. As the officer made contact with the male, he became verbally abusive and uncooperative. He was charged with disorderly conduct and possession of an open alcoholic container.


A 54 year old West Deptford resident reported to police he was assaulted on Delaware Street. The victim could not provide a description of the accused or the direction of flight. He refused medical attention. Officers checked the area for any suspects with negative results.


Officers observed a 22 year old Woodbury resident who was known to have an outstanding warrant. As officers attempted to serve the warrant, the suspect became belligerent and verbally abusive toward officers. He was placed under arrest on the warrant with an additional charge of disorderly conduct.


A 64 year old Woodbury resident reported a guest in his home took his Nintendo Wii system and a check from his checkbook. Complaints were signed against the 22 year old Millville resident.


Officers were dispatched to Walgreen’s for a shoplifting. A 45 year old Seabrook resident was witnessed taking merchandise from the store without paying for it. Police located the accused and she was placed under arrest for shoplifting. Additionally outstanding warrants were located on the suspect and she was served.


Officers located three males sitting on the front steps of a posted “no trespassing” area on S. Broad Street. All three were issued summonses for defiant trespassing.


Police were dispatched to a residence at the Woodlake Apartments for a harassment complaint. Resident stated she is being harassed by a female on her cell phone. No information could be provided on the suspect. The victim did not wish to pursue complaints at this time.


Officers sent letters regarding high grass and weeds to several residents. A follow up will be completed in ten days.



Calls for Service August 30, 2011

Officers responded to Canal’s Liquor Store for a shoplifting. The accused, a juvenile, was placed into custody.


A 21 year old Woodbury resident reported to police she is being harassed by her ex-employer. She has received numerous text messages on her cell phone. At this point, she just wanted the incident documented.  She was advised on the procedure to sign complaints with the court clerk’s office.


Officers were alerted to stolen license plates on a vehicle through the ALPR system. Officers stopped the vehicle being driven by a 36 year old Woodbury resident. She was placed under arrest for receiving stolen property. The plates were removed from the vehicle. Camden Police Department confirmed the plates were reported stolen.

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