Activity Report

Calls for Service September 20, 2011

Officers responded to a Packer Street residence for a burglary. The windows were unlocked while the residents were out and it appears entry was made into the home through one of the windows. Various items were taken by the suspects. Incident continues to be under investigation.


Police were dispatched to a Cherry Street residence for a family dispute. Recommendations were made to the family for assistance.


A 48 year old Woodbury resident contacted police with regard to harassment from her landlord. The victim does not wish to pursue complaints at this time.


A summons was issued to a property owner for landlord license violation. The rental property has remained unlicensed despite numerous attempts to rectify the situation.


Officers sent violation warning notices to property owners in the City regarding property maintenance issues. These will be followed up in ten days and action will be taken according to procedure.




Calls for Service September 19, 2011

Sheriff Department officers reported to police headquarters while escorting a 19 year old Woodbury Heights resident from the emergency room to their vehicle, they were assaulted by the suspect.  The suspect continually yelled profanities despite being warned to cease. Complaints were signed for simple assault and disorderly conduct.


Officers observed a large group standing on the sidewalk and street in front of the skate shop on Curtis Avenue. Officers approached the group and observed several empty cans and bottles of beer lying on the sidewalk and street in front of the shop. One male in the crowd was holding a plastic cup and drinking from it. Further investigation revealed he was a 20 year old Cinnaminson resident. He was charged with open container of alcohol in public. The 36 year old owner of the shop was also issued a summons for having alcoholic beverages available to minors.


Officers went to the Woodlake Apartment complex for a warrant service. The 27 year old resident was located and placed under arrest on his Camden City warrants. Further investigation revealed the male was not on the lease at the apartment complex. Both the tenant and the accused were charged accordingly.


A 33 year old Carpenter Street resident advised police she had a bicycle in her basement that did not belong to any of her children. The resident turned the bicycle over to police who returned the bike to its rightful owner.


Officers responded to a High Street residence for an unwanted person. The 50 year old male Woodbury resident had been previously advised this date not to be on the property. He was placed under arrest for trespassing and transported to headquarters. He was served with his summons and released pending court.


Letters regarding property maintenance were sent to various property owners. Follow up on the violations will be conducted in ten days.


Officers responded to N. Broad Street for a burglary. Several items had been taken from the basement as well as copper piping. West Deptford Police Department had two suspects under arrest. The 53 year old Mt. Royal resident and owner of the property, was notified and responded to the scene. Incident is still under investigation.


Officers were dispatched to the area of W. Centre Street for a report of possible solicitation without a city permit. The 28 year old representative from Direct Energy was advised of his need for a permit. He stated he understood and left without incident.


Officers were requested to the Woodbury Public Library for an unwanted male. Library staff stated the male refused to hang up his cell phone while in the library. The 26 year old Swedesboro resident was advised stated it was all a misunderstanding and left the library without further incident.


A 31 year old Wenonah resident reported to police he sold an item to a 38 year old Philadelphia resident. To date he has only received partial payment. He was advised on how to sign theft complaints with the court clerk’s office.


Officers responded to the Woodlake Apartment complex for a 50 year old male resident stating there was a fight on High Street. This was the second call made claiming a disturbance was occurring when there was none from this resident's telephone number. The male was issued a summons for misuse of an emergency response system and released pending court.


Officers were dispatched to the Luk-Oil on N. Broad Street for a theft of services complaint. A customer came into the station, obtained gas and left without paying for it. This is the second time this same customer has left without paying for his gas. Officers were unable to locate any information on the registered owner at this time.


A 50 year old Woodbury resident reported to police he continually received text messages from a 26 year old Philadelphia resident. The complainant advised the male to stop contacting him and he has not received any further messages since. He was advised on the procedure to sign complaints with the court clerk’s office.


A 61 year old representative from the Delany & O’Brien Law firm reported to police trash and debris was left in their picnic area over the weekend. This was not present when the employees left work on Friday, September 16. He just asked the incident be documented at this time.




Calls for Service September 16-18, 2011

While checking the Little League fields, officers found a brass pressure valve had been stolen and water was gushing. Public Works responded and turned the water off. A report was filed.


Officers responded to Woodlake Apartments for an unwanted person. The 20 year old resident stated she no longer wanted her 20 year old friend to stay. It was discovered the 20 year old male had outstanding warrants. He was placed under arrest and turned over to the Gloucester County Sheriff’s Department in default of bail.


While on patrol officers observed a 34 year old West Deptford resident on the corner of Hopkins Street drinking alcoholic beverages. He was served with a summons. The beer can was emptied and discarded properly.


Officers observed a 50 year old Woodbury resident on N. Broad Street drinking from an open alcoholic beverage can. He was issued a summons. The open container was emptied and discarded in a nearby trash receptacle.


Officers responded to the area of Towne Liquors for a report of an assault in progress. Investigation revealed the fight actually occurred on High Street. All three involved parties appeared to be intoxicated. They were advised they may sign complaints against one another once they were sober. They were also advised to stay away from each other.


Police were dispatched to Woodlake Apartments for a neighbor dispute. All parties were advised not to have contact with each other. A report is on file if they wished to sign complaints.


A 59 year old Lupton Street resident contacted police regarding criminal mischief done to his vehicle. The damage appeared to be consistent with a BB pellet or similar object. The complainant is unsure of who the accused may be. He was advised added patrols will be in the area.


Officers were dispatched to the Glover Street area for two dogs running at large.  Officers were able to locate the two dogs and return them to their owner. The owner, a 40 year old Woodbury resident, was issued a summons for allowing the dogs to run at large.


Officers observed a 49 year old Camden male urinating in City Parking lot #1. Officers could also detect the odor of CDS on his person. The suspect was charged on a municipal ordinance for urinating in public, also complaints were signed for possession of CDS. The accused was then served with his complaints.


A 30 year old West Centre Street resident reported criminal mischief done to her vehicle. The  front door window was shattered and a piece of broken brick was located on the driver’s front floor. It did not appear as though entry to the vehicle was made. There is no estimate for repairs at this time.


A 27 year old Williamstown resident asked officers to check the well being of a 29 year old City resident. The individual returned home and the county wide alert was cancelled.


A delivery driver for Giovanni’s Pizza was at a Hunter Street residence and left his vehicle running while going to the home. As he turned around, his vehicle was being driven away by unknown subjects. Further investigation located the vehicle in the possession of a 19 year old Paulsboro resident and a 19 year old Woodbury resident. Incident is still under investigation.


Officers responded to Hemlock Terrace for a dispute. Both parties were sent on their way and advised on how to sign complaints with the court clerk’s office.


A 20 year old Woodbury resident reported while driving her vehicle on Morris Street, she observed three males point a handgun at her vehicle and heard what she stated sounded like BB’s striking the passenger door. Due to the darkness, it was unable to be determined if there was any damage to the vehicle. Incident still under investigation.


While on patrol officers observed and open front door on an East Centre Street residence. In checking the residence a 48 year old Deptford subject was located inside. He was charged with trespassing and released.


Police were dispatched to the area of Jackson and Queen Streets for a female attempting to gain entry into a vehicle. She was later located by officers on Salem Avenue. The female was found to be in possession of a knife. She was charged with possession of a weapon on a summons and released.


Officers responded to a Cooper Street residence for a harassment complaint. The confrontation was verbal. The complainant was advised of the procedure to file a complaint with the court clerk’s office.




Calls for Service September 15, 2011

Officers were dispatched to Aberdeen Place for a theft from a motor vehicle. The owner stated he had items taken from his vehicle in the overnight hours. He was advised to double check the door locks on the vehicle. The vehicle was parked in the driveway of the residence.


Officers were dispatched to Metro PCS for a customer dispute. The store employees stated there were two irate customers in the store. Officers were able to calm the situation and the proper procedures were explained to the customers.


A 34 year old Woodbury resident was served with his warrants while at headquarters on another matter. He was lodged in the Gloucester County Jail in default of bail.


Police were dispatched to McDonald’s Restaurant for two males involved in a dispute. Officers checked each party for outstanding warrants. While doing so the 27 year old Camden resident began yelling profanities. He was advised to stop but continued. He was placed under arrest and served with a summons for disorderly conduct.


Police were dispatched to Myrtle Avenue for a possible abandoned vehicle. Officers will follow up on the vehicle in 48 hours.


While on a motor vehicle traffic stop it was learned the driver, a 43 year old Woodbury resident, had outstanding warrants. He was placed under arrest and transported to headquarters. He was later released on his own recognizance along with several motor vehicle summonses.


Calls for Service September 14, 2011


Officers were dispatched to headquarters regarding a domestic violence incident. The complainant was advised of her rights under domestic violence. Charges are pending.


Police responded to an East Centre Street residence regarding a domestic violence incident.  The complainant was advised of her rights under domestic violence. Charges are pending.



Officers were dispatched to E. Red Bank Avenue for a vehicle fire. On arrival with the Woodbury Friendship Fire Company the fire was extinguished. The owner of the vehicle was on scene and was not harmed.


Officers issued summonses to various property owners in regard to property maintenance violations.


Police were dispatched to the Acme Markets for an attempted shoplifting. A male subject attempted to leave the store with merchandise without making payment. He was approached by employees and fled the store. A check of the area was negative for anyone matching the description provided.


Officers were dispatched to the CVS Store for a shoplifting. A 46 year old Deptford resident was found to have taken items from the store without paying for them. She was placed under arrest. She was issued a complaint for shoplifting and advised not to return to the CVS or trespassing complaints would be signed.


Police responded to Rite Aid Pharmacy for a shoplifting. Store employees observed a male running out of the store with items in a shopping bag. As the male exited, the store alarm activated. A check of the area for the suspect was negative for anyone matching the description given.


On a traffic stop officers learned the driver, a 39 year old Newark resident, had outstanding warrants for his arrest. The suspect was placed under arrest and transported to police headquarters. He posted bail on the warrants and was released with his traffic summons.


While court was in session a 28 year old Woodbury resident began shouting profanities stating she was being harassed by another person in court. She was placed under arrest and escorted out of the court room. County Communications advised of active warrants for the accused. The suspect was released on her own recognizance on the warrants, issued a summons for disorderly conduct and released.


Warning letters regarding property maintenance were sent to various property owners in the City. Follow ups will be conducted in ten days.


A 34 year old Voorhees resident was placed under arrest as part of an investigation with the New Jersey Division of Taxation. Charges were filed for possession and distribution of synthetic CDS. The suspect posted the required bail and was released pending his court appearance.


A 23 year old Woodbury resident reported she was assaulted by another 23 year old Woodbury resident. The victim reported this is part of an ongoing problem between the two. Complaints for simple assault were signed.

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