Activity Report

Calls for Service, October 5, 2011

Officers observed a 28 year old Bellmawr male urinating in public. Subject was issued a complaint summons. It was learned an active warrant was in existence for the accused. He was placed under arrest. The accused was later released on his own recognizance.


A 61 year old Woodbury resident advised police his neighbors were away and he observed a open window in the kitchen. He had not seen the window open previously. Officers along with a K9 searched the interior of the home. The home appeared to have been ransacked. The homeowner was contacted and will be contacting the police upon his return. Incident is under investigation.


A 13 year old female is suspected of shoplifting at the WaWa. While no WaWa merchandise was located on the juvenile, she was advised she is no longer welcome in the store. She was taken to her residence by police.


Officers responded to the Salem Avenue area for a loud music complaint. Police spoke with the 20 year old resident who was playing his music extremely loud. Dispatch advised officers there was an outstanding warrant for the subject. The male was placed under arrest and transported to headquarters. He was charged with breach of peace, posted bail against his warrant and released.


A Harding Avenue resident reported his vehicle was stolen sometime overnight. The vehicle did have pre-existing ignition damage and had been left unlocked overnight. The area was checked for the vehicle with negative results.


During a motor vehicle traffic stop, a warrant was located on the 22 year old Thorofare resident operator. The subject was placed under arrest and transported to headquarters. A meeting spot was set up with Deptford Township Police Department. The accused was turned over to their custody.

Officers observed a 46 year old Woolwich Township male, holding an open can of an alcoholic beverage while at the bus stop. The accused was given a summons for open container in public. The open can was disposed of in a nearby trash container.


Officers issued summonses to various property owners for property maintenance violations.


A 19 year old Woodbury resident was observed loitering in the area of S. Broad Street. The area is clearly marked no trespassing.  The subject was approached and he advised he was visiting his nephew. Dispatch advised the subject had outstanding warrants and he was placed under arrest. The accused was found to have CDS in his possession. He was charged with possession of CDS, failure to deliver CDS to a law enforcement officer and trespassing.  The subject was released on his own recognizance on the warrants.




Calls for Service October 4, 2011

Officers were dispatched to the Sunoco for a stolen bicycle report. The 40 year old Woodbury resident advised she went to pick up some items and locked her bike outside. When she returned, the bike was gone. The bike was able to be picked up over the concrete post without undoing the lock. Sunoco employees will review the surveillance video and supply a copy to the police.


Police were called to S. Broad Street and E. Barber Avenue for a 48 year old Woodbury resident yelling profanities at citizens.  Police had received two prior calls regarding this same male being disorderly and trespassing. The suspect continued yelling profanity upon police arrival. He was placed under arrest. The suspect was charged with disorderly conduct and trespassing. He was lodged in the Gloucester County Jail in default of bail.


Officers responded to Salem Avenue for a criminal mischief complaint. The victim showed police his vehicle that had yellow paint thrown on it. The cost to repair the damage is unknown at this time.


A 40 year old Gibbstown resident advised he lost his rain coat and wallet. He did not notice they were missing until he got off the NJ Transit bus. He contacted NJ Transit but no one turned the items in. The victim stated he contacted his bank and credit card companies.


Occupant standard violations were issued to several residents for living in a rental property and not being on the lease.


Officers were dispatched to S. Broad Street and Barber Avenue for an intoxicated male. On arrival the intoxicated 48 year old Woodbury resident was located. The suspect continued to use profanity despite being advised several times to cease. He was served with a summons for breach of peace and taken to his residence.


Liberty State Insurance Services contacted police in regard to harassing phone calls they were receiving. The unidentified male contacted the company numerous times since the company opened in April. Police called the number back and a 57 year old city resident stated he was upset over the lawn signs. The signs were removed in accordance with the city ordinance. Liberty State Insurance Service employees were advised of the procedures to sign a complaint for harassment.


Calls for Service October 3, 2011


While on a traffic stop for suspended registration, officers learned the driver, a 20 year old Woodbury resident and the registered owner/passenger, a 23 year old Woodbury resident had outstanding warrants for their arrest. The subjects were both placed under arrest. The vehicle was secured at the scene.


Officers were dispatched to a High Street residence for a male yelling and attempting to start a fight. The resident advised police the suspect walked by his residence yelling and screaming. When the resident asked him to quiet down, the suspect attempted to start a physical altercation. The accused was located on S. Broad Street and admitted trying to start a fight. He was placed under arrest and issued a summons for disorderly conduct.


Police responded to a Hopkins Street residence for a complaint of domestic violence. Contact was made with both parties. Both were advised of their domestic violence rights. No complaints at this time.


A 31 year old Spring Street resident reported to police her vehicle was entered sometime between Friday, September 30 and Monday, October 3. The unknown actor/s removed her black Ipod Touch valued at approximately $400.00. There was no sign of forced entry to the vehicle.


Officers spoke with a 21 year old National Park resident in reference to harassment. Identifying information on the accused was able to be obtained. The victim was advised on the procedures to sign complaints with the court clerk’s office.


A 69 year old Philadelphia, Pa. resident came into headquarters regarding a complaint with a Gloucester County Court employee. He was advised of the procedures to sign a complaint with the municipal court clerk’s office.

A 45 year old Woodbury resident reported to police her credit card had unknown charges on it from purchases made on the internet. The victim stated she has cancelled her credit card. She was advised to contact the police if she was able to find any information on who may have used her card.


Police responded to the Wells Fargo Bank for an irate customer. Further investigation revealed in order to satisfy the customer’s request for information, additional documentation was necessary. Once the documentation was received the matter was cleared up without incident.


A 31 year old Williamstown resident reported to headquarters regarding a harassment complaint. The subject advised after leaving court on Friday, she was harassed by a 61 year old Manahawkin resident. She was advised of the procedure to sign a complaint with the court clerk’s office.


Calls for Service September 30-October 2, 2011

Officers responded for a disturbance on East Penn Boulevard. The male and female advised police it was only a verbal argument and everything was fine.


A 30 year old Woodbury resident and a 30 year old Pennsauken resident were involved in an argument in the police headquarters parking lot. Both advised it was only a verbal argument involving child custody. Both parties were advised of their rights under domestic violence.


An 18 year old Woodbury resident advised police while he was making application for a credit card, he copied his personal identification to send in with the application. The personal identification was lost. Complainant wanted this incident documented.


Officers located several vehicles throughout the city that appeared abandoned. A warning sticker was placed on each vehicle and follow up will be conducted in 48 hours.


A 19 year old Woodbury resident reported to police his bicycle was stolen. He indicated to police where the suspect was located. The suspect stated the bike had parts from his bicycle on it. He was advised without proof the parts were his, he could not take the bicycle. The bike was returned to the complainant.


Police responded to the area of S. Broad and Centre Streets for a possible fight. The 19 year old victim advised he was just assaulted by two males. He stated he did not know the actors and was unsure why they assaulted him. A check of the area for the accused was negative.


During the fall festival parade, a 48 year old Woodbury resident was walking on S. Broad Street using profanities repeatedly. He was advised several times to cease and yet continued. He was placed under arrest and issued a summons for breach of peace.


A 54 year old Warner Street resident advised police his fence was damaged. He did not have an estimate for repairs at this time. If the accused are identified, the victim will sign complaints.


Officers responded to Bellevue Avenue for a harassment complaint. The 32 year old female resident advised she is being harassed by two females who are Mantua residents. The females were contacted by police and advised to stop communications with the victim. The victim was advised of the procedure to sign complaints with the court clerk’s office.


Woodbury Community Service Director advised police while in the performance of his duties, he was approached by a 55 year old Woodbury resident asking him for money. Officers observed this same subject asking customers in front of the Woodbury Variety store for money. The accused was issued a summons for breach of peace and sent on his way.


Officers responded to Pafumi Services for a theft. Unknown actor/s removed sections of scaffolding from the rear of the building. The scaffolding is valued at approximately $2000.00.


A 60 year old West Barber Avenue resident advised police unknown actor/s entered her two vehicles however, nothing was taken from either vehicle. The complainant just wanted the incident documented.


Police reported to McDonald’s Restaurant for a fight. Employees advised officers the 34 year old Sicklerville resident was the aggressor and was attempting to engage in a fight with a 26 year old Woodbury resident. The accused was served with summonses for disorderly conduct and simple assault.

A 36 year old Sicklerville resident reported to police she was threatened by a 35 year old Woodbury resident. The two subjects were involved in a verbal argument over child custody. The complainant was advised of the procedure to sign a complaint with the court clerk’s office.


Officers responded to the Luk Oil for a theft of gas report. A male driver came into the station, received gas and then left without paying for it. A check of the area for the vehicle was negative.


A Deptford Township Police Officer reported she was assaulted by a 38 year old Deptford resident while at the Underwood Memorial Hospital. The suspect was admitted to the hospital and was subsequently served with her complaint.


A 48 year old Woodbury resident reported he received a phone call stating someone was leaving his building with a pillow case full of copper piping. Officers went with the building owners to check on the apartment, the tenant was not home. Nothing appeared to be out of order. A check of the roof area and other apartments was also negative.


Officers spoke with a 42 year old Woodbury resident at headquarters regarding a suspicious phone call she had received.  The caller had a thick accent and stated she needed to send him money with regard to a loan. Officers attempted to call the number back but the call would not go through. The complainant was advised not to send any money and to advise the police department if she receives any further calls.


A 19 year old Woodbury resident reported she is being harassed by an ex-boyfriend. The 20 year old Egg Harbor resident continues to call her. She was advised of her domestic violence rights.


Officers responded to the area of Newton Avenue for a report of a domestic assault. The complainant was advised of her rights under domestic violence and how to sign complaints with the court clerk’s office.



Calls for Service September 29, 2011

Officers were dispatched to Morris Street for a disturbance. Two females were yelling at each other.  As the one female was escorted off the property, she ignored the officers verbal commands, continuing to yell and attempt to provoke the other party. When asked for identification, the female provided what was later learned to be a false name. She was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct. At headquarters it was learned there was an outstanding warrant for her arrest. She was served with her warrant and additional summonses for obstructing justice and occupant standard violations.


CVS Pharmacy manager reported to police a 36 year old Mantua resident was in the store and he has been causing ongoing issues with CVS. He has previously been advised he is not to come into the store. The suspect had left prior to police arrival. A summons for trespassing was mailed to his last known address.


Officers responded to CVS Pharmacy for a dispute between a male and female. The 21 year old Philadelphia, Pa. male resident advised police the 22 year old female Woodbury resident had taken his gift card and would not return it. The female originally gave police her identification which was later proven to be false. The suspect was placed under arrest for obstruction and an outstanding warrant was located. She was unable to post bail on the warrant and was turned over to the respective police department.


Police responded to Myrtle Avenue for a verbal argument. A 29 year old Woodbury resident and a 24 year old Woodbury resident were arguing over a parking space. A mutual agreement was made between the parties.


Officers were dispatched to a Union Street residence for subjects inside. The property was supposed to be vacant. Subjects were located inside the residence and stated they were moving out furniture for the previous tenant. Officers were unable to make contact with the previous tenant. The subjects left the property without further incident. Police secured the property.


A 59 year old Glassboro resident came into headquarters to sign complaints against the registered owners of two vehicles for parking in a handicap spot without the required handicap placard.


Officers responded to the Colonial Park Apartments for a 74 year old resident with a theft complaint. She stated her ATM card was missing. She was advised to contact her bank and find out where any transactions were made so she could contact the local police departments to advise them of the theft also.


Officers located several vehicles in the city that appeared to be abandoned. Stickers were placed on the vehicles and a follow up will be conducted in 48 hours.


Letters were sent to property owners regarding high grass and weeds. A follow up on the properties will be conducted in ten days.




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