Activity Report

Calls for Service October 21-23, 2011

A 23 year old Woodbury resident reported upon her return to her apartment this date, her bedroom window was damaged. A small section of glass had been broken out of the right corner of the window. It does not appear there was any attempt to enter the apartment from the window. Resident was advised to contact the police if there were any further problems.


Officers responded to Woodlake Apartments for a neighbor complaint. A 31 year old resident stated the neighbors children play in the stairwell. Officers spoke with both parties and a resolution was obtained.


A 34 year old Burholme Avenue resident made a report of harassment. The resident has a pending court case and felt he was being harassed by the accused and his friend. A summons for harassment was issued. The accused and his friend were advised to have no contact with the resident.


Washington Avenue residents contacted the police in regard to speeding on their street. While speaking with the complainants, officers observed a vehicle drive by at a high rate of speed. The vehicle was stopped and issued a speeding summons.


A 58 year old Woodbury resident was charged with obstruction and disorderly person offenses while officers were attempting to direct traffic for the Jonas Cattell Memorial Run.


A 59 year old Clementon resident was charged with driving while intoxicated.


Officers responded to a Queen Street residence for a family dispute. A 25 year old female and 31 year old male were arguing over a motor vehicle. Further investigation revealed an active outstanding warrant. She was unable to post bail and lodged in the Gloucester County Jail in default. All parties were advised of the procedure to sign complaints with the court clerk’s office.


A 23 year old Woodbury resident reported while attending a party on Morris Street he was assaulted. He did not know his assailants. He did ask for extra patrols in the area of his home.


A US Postal worker was bitten by a dog in the area of N. Girard Street. The owner, a 31 year old Delaware Street resident stated the dogs were playing outside and his dog did bite the postman. A summons was issued for allowing the dog to run art large, unlicensed dog and dog running at large causing injury.


A 21 year old Monroeville resident was placed under arrest on an outstanding active warrant. He was able to post bail and was released with a new court date.


A J&D Liquor store employee reported to police a customer attempted to make a purchase with a counterfeit ten dollar bill. The customer stated her son had used an ATM machine in Blackwood and she assumes that is where the bill came from. Police retained the counterfeit money.


Officers were dispatched to the Autumn Woods Apartment complex for a theft of cooper downspouts. The manager stated he checked the surveillance footage however there were no cameras positioned where the thefts took place. Five sections of copper downspouts are missing. Investigation to continue.


Officers observed a 29 year old Ewing, NJ resident crossing N. Broad Street from the east to the west side against the traffic signal causing a traffic hazard. Vehicles in the southbound lane had to come to a sudden complete stop. A summons for obstructing the public roadway was issued to the accused.



Calls for Service October 20, 2011

Officers responded to Broadway Auto to speak with a 34 year old Woodbury resident. The complainant advised police he believes someone is sleeping in one of the vehicles overnight. Added patrols will be available through the evening hours.


A 54 year old Woodbury resident reported scrap metal was stolen from his yard. Sometime between the hours of 4:00 am and 4:00 pm unknown actor/s entered his yard and removed metal he had put there to take to the scrap yard. Added patrols will be in the area.


A vehicle parked on High Street that had been stickered as abandoned, was towed under city ordinance.



Calls for Service October 19, 2011

Woodbury units were dispatched to Hess Avenue for a 911 call of a burglary. Officers checked the area of the reported address which was false. A storm door of another residence appeared to have been damaged by possible pry attempts. The home appeared to be vacant. Attempts are being made to contact the property owner.


Officers observed a 48 year old Woodbury man walking through the Woodbury Court Apartment complex. He has been advised numerous times he is not to be on the property as per management. He was issued a summons from trespassing and again advised he is not to be on the property.


Police were dispatched to the Woodlake Apartment complex for a 73 year old female lighting a fire in the foyer and threatening to burn the building down. Complex building management aided police in entering the apartment. The female was transported to Underwood Memorial Hospital for crisis evaluation.


 The manager of J&D Liquor store contacted police to report a shoplifting. A description of the accused and the vehicle being driven was provided to police. The 48 year old West Deptford resident was located and returned to the store. Compensation was worked out and the female was advised not to return to the liquor store.


Officers were dispatched to City Lot #1 for a possible domestic. Both parties stated it was just a verbal argument and it had ended prior to police arrival. A warrant check on the 21 year old Glassboro resident show active warrants for his arrest. He was placed under arrest and transported to police headquarters. The accused was unable to post bail and was turned over to the Gloucester County Sheriff’s Department.


Officers sent letters to property owners throughout the city regarding property maintenance ordinance violations. Follow ups will be conducted in ten days.


Officers observed a vehicle parked on N. Evergreen Avenue with two flat tires. The vehicle appeared to have been parked in the same location for some time. The vehicle as considered to be abandoned. A follow up will be conducted in 48 hours.


A Washington Avenue resident reported unknown actor/s removed her vehicle stereo sometime in the overnight hours. There was no further description of stereo or the value.


As a result of a traffic stop, the 32 year old Woodbury resident was placed under arrest on outstanding warrants. She was later released on her own recognizance with new court dates.




Calls for Service October 18, 2011


Woodbury units responded to CVS Pharmacy for a shoplifting. Store manager stated a 37 year old Woodbury resident came into the store and signed in with the Pharmacy. She later attempted to leave the store with a child’s toy laptop. The suspect is seen on the store video surveillance leaving the store with a bag of items that were not paid for. Complaints for shoplifting were signed against the accused.


While on another call, officers could hear a loud radio on E. Centre Street coming from the middle of the block. Officers located two males who then turned the music off. Neither male was able to produce identification. It was learned the 48 year old male and the 29 year old male, both Camden residents, had outstanding warrants and were placed under arrest. The 48 year old male could not post bail and was lodged in the Gloucester County Jail. The 29 year old male was released on his own recognizance against the warrant and issued a summons for breach of peace.


CVS Pharmacy employees contacted the police with regard to a 22 year old female Woodbury resident who has previously been advised she is not permitted in the store. The female was located wandering about the store. She was issued a summons for defiant trespassing and released. She was once again reminded she is not to be on CVS property.


A 48 year old West Deptford female reported to police she was assaulted by her juvenile son while they were driving through Woodbury. She signed complaints for simple assault with the juvenile court.


An anonymous caller contacted police regarding a 59 year old Paulsboro resident in the area of Railroad Avenue who had outstanding warrants. Officers located the subject who did have active warrants for his arrest. He was released on his own recognizance with new court dates.


A N. Evergreen Avenue resident reported unknown actor/s entered his detached garage and stole his Kawasaki dirt bike. The scene was processed and fingerprints were recovered. Investigation still ongoing.


A 62 year old Gibbstown resident reported she lost her car and house key while at the YMCA. She will advise the police if the keys were located but wanted the incident documented.


Officers were dispatched to a N. Evergreen Avenue residence for a vehicle that had been broken into overnight. The 57 year old victim reported he discovered unknown actor/s entered his unlocked vehicle and removed several items. The victim stated he will supply the police department with the serial numbers for the stolen items.


Officers observed several vehicles throughout the city that appeared to be abandoned. Letters were sent to the registered owners advising them to have the vehicles removed. Follow up will be completed.


Police responded to a W. Centre Street residence for a criminal mischief complaint. The victim stated sometime in the overnight hours unknown actor/s smashed the rear window to his vehicle. The cost to repair the damage is unknown at this time.


Officers were dispatched to Jake’s Thrift Store on N. Broad Street for a shoplifting. Employees noticed a male in the store acting in a suspicious manner. As he left and entered a motor vehicle, an employee observed him throw merchandise underneath the vehicle.  All items were returned to the store. The area was checked for the accused with negative results.


Complaints were signed against a 46 year old Woodbury resident for check fraud.


Woodbury units were dispatched to the Woodlake Apartment complex for a dispute between a repossession company and a vehicle owner. The vehicle owner and the complainant were able to come to a resolution on their own.




Calls for Service October 17, 2011

Officers responded to Lakeside Apartment complex for a noise complaint. The downstairs tenant stated his upstairs neighbor has a cat that makes too much noise. Officers were unable to hear any noise at that time. The complainant was advised of the procedure to sign complaints with the court clerk’s office.


A 21 year old Woodbury resident reported while he was in the Luk Oil mini mart, his wallet was taken from his vehicle. He was advised to contact his financial institutions and advise them of the loss. Patrol will attempt to view the surveillance video when the manager returns.


Police were dispatched to Tony’s Auto Service for an activated alarm. Officers located the middle window to the building broken and ajar. The interior of the building was checked. It does not appear entry was made to the building. The cost of the damage is unknown at this time.


A 38 year old Heritage’s Dairy Store employee advised police a male entered the store and attempted to pay for his purchases with a counterfeit twenty dollar bill. Payment was made by the accused and he left the store. The counterfeit bill was turned over to police for evidence.


Officers responded to First Choice Tires for a vehicle that had the driver’s side vent broken out. The inspection sticker was taken from the vehicle. No other items were disturbed or removed from the vehicle.


Police were dispatched to the area of Griscom Drive for an attempted burglary. The victim provided a description to officers. The suspect was located and placed under arrest. Bail was set and the accused was lodged in the Gloucester County Jail in default.

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