Activity Report

Calls for Service November 7-8, 2011

Officers were dispatched to a family dispute on Manor Avenue. The matter was brought under control and all parties were advised to contact the police if there were any further problems.


A Logan Street resident reported to police cash was stolen from his safety deposit box.  The complainant was advised the detective bureau would be contacting him. Investigation to continue.


A North Warren Street resident reported her front lawn was damaged by a tractor trailer backing up to make the turn onto Grant Street. The operator of the tractor trailer was unaware he had caused any damage and stated he would see the lawn was properly repaired.



A 51 year old Mantua resident came to headquarters to report a forgery on her lease. The resident stated there is a clause in her lease that was forged. She was instructed on the procedures to sign a complaint with the court clerk’s office.


Officers were dispatched to Gantt Avenue regarding a theft of copper leads from the AT&T Cell tower. The field engineer showed police several locations where the copper wiring was cut and the leads were removed.


Property manager of a rental unit reported to police there were unauthorized tenants living at the property.

A check with the landlord licensing registration showed all the tenants were named on the list. Contact was made with the property owner who was advised he failed to register the property as a rental unit.


A 55 year old Woodbury resident came into headquarters to advise she was involved in a motor vehicle crash and the boyfriend of the other driver came onto her property.  She is considering signing complaints of harassment. According to the motor vehicle accident report, the boyfriend was not in the vehicle at the time of the accident.


Officers were dispatched to Holroyd Place for a neighbor complaint. Both parties were advised of their right to sign a complaint.


Documentation was received by the police stating a 19 year old Woodbury resident is not on the tenant list for a rental unit. He was issued an occupant standard violation for living at the rental unit while not on the lease.


Police responded to a West Centre Street residence for a criminal mischief complaint. The resident showed officers a golf ball that had gone through the front glass window.  The residents believe this happened while they were out. It went unnoticed as they normally use the back door as their main entrance.


Calls for Service November 4-6, 2011

Dollar General store contacted the police regarding a shoplifting. Two males entered the store, filled a hand held cart with clothing and miscellaneous items and left without paying for their items. Police searched the area for the accused from the descriptions given with negative results. Store employees were unable at this time to operate the store surveillance but will have the day manager make a copy of the video for police.


Officers were dispatched to CVS Pharmacy for a shoplifting complaint. Employees advised a female entered the store and took an unknown amount of baby formula and left without paying for it. The video surveillance failed to positively identify the accused.


While on patrol officers observed a 26 year old Salem resident drinking an alcoholic beverage while at the bus stop. The male was issued a summons for possession of open container. The can was destroyed at the scene.


Residents of Holroyd Place reported ongoing neighbor harassment. They just wanted this documented. They were advised on the procedures to sign complaints with the court clerk’s office.


A 51 year old Woodbury resident reported her vehicle was broken into during the overnight hours. The inspection sticker was taken from the vehicle. Unknown subjects also broke of the vehicle’s antenna. Nothing else appeared to be missing at this time.


Police were dispatched to Girard Street for a theft report. The complainant stated his daughter’s friend had been over to their home and his Ipad was missing. The 18 year old West Deptford resident contacted the owner and stated he did take the Ipad. He then returned same. Theft complaints are pending.


Officers responded to Leeds Place for a theft from a motor vehicle. A GPS, cell phone charger and cell phone ear piece was taken from the locked vehicle. There were no signs of forced entry.


Police were dispatched to an East Centre Street residence for a possible domestic violence incident. A 38 year old male Glassboro resident was charged with criminal mischief. All domestic violence rights were explained to involved parties.


Officers responded to the area of Underwood Memorial Hospital for a 911 call. A 56 year old Westville resident advised he was trying to get his child’s mother to the hospital for treatment. The 45 year old female was acting out of control. The odor of alcoholic beverages were on her person and she appeared to be under the influence of CDS. She was transported to Underwood Memorial Hospital for treatment and subsequent charges were filed.


A 55 year old Woodbury resident was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct and soliciting without a permit. The male was served with his summonses and released pending a future court date.


Police spoke with a 39 year old Woodbury resident regarding possible domestic violence issues that took place on S. Davis Street. Officers spoke with both parties and will contact the police if there are any further problems.


While on patrol officers observed a 50 year old Woodbury resident known to have an outstanding active warrant. He was placed under arrest and transported to police headquarters. He was later released on his own recognizance with a pending court date.


Police responded to J&D Liquors for a male attempting to make a purchase with a fraudulent ten dollar bill.  When the subject was advised the bill was counterfeit, the male stated he received it as change from a previous purchase. The subject then left the store prior to police arrival abandoning the ten dollar bill.


Officers were called to the parking lot behind on S. Broad Street for a parking complaint. All owners of the vehicles were located and the issue was resolved.


A 34 year old Woodbury resident reported items were taken from her vehicle while it was parked at the Woodlake Apartment complex. The passenger side door had been left unlocked. The victim had no idea who would have taken items from her vehicle and did not see anyone in the area. She was advised to contact the police if she notices any other items missing.


A 41 year old Spring Street resident made a report of harassment. His neighbor’s son, a 50 year old Paulsboro resident, continually harasses him. He just wanted the incident documented due to the past history of complaints. He was advised to contact the police if there were any further problems.


Occupant Standard violations were issued to a 52 year old Woodbury resident and a 29 year old Woodbury resident. The 29 year old is not on the lease of the rental property.





Calls for Service November 3, 2011

Woodbury units responded to N. American Street for a criminal mischief complaint. The victim advised officers some unknown actor/s deflated all four tires to his mother in law’s vehicle. There was no obvious signs of damage to the tires.


While on patrol officers received a LOJAK hit on a vehicle. Gloucester County Communications advised the vehicle was reported stolen in Jersey City. The vehicle was towed to the impound lot and Jersey City Police Department was notified of its recovery.


Officers responded to Watkins Avenue for a possible domestic violence incident. Further investigation was completed and the 30 year old Woodbury resident was placed under arrest.


Police were dispatched to a N. Evergreen Avenue residence for a verbal argument. Neither party wished to pursue complaints.


Dollar General Store employees contacted police regarding a shoplifting. A 42 year old employee stated she observed a suspicious male in the store putting merchandise in his jacket. The male did purchase items however she later located empty packages she believed belonged to the merchandise he stole. She was advised to contact the police if the male should return.


Officers were requested to check on the well being of a 38 year old Mt. Laurel resident in the city of Woodbury. Officers checked the area with negative results on finding the male.


Woodbury units responded to Kelsch and Associates for an unruly patient. The 41 year old Runnemede

resident was transported to Underwood Memorial Hospital Crisis Unit for evaluation.


While on patrol the ALPR unit alerted officers to a stolen motor vehicle. Officers stopped the vehicle and both occupants were placed under arrest. The owner of the vehicle and Pennsauken Police Department were notified of the recovery.


Municipal ordinance occupant standard violations were issue to three Woodbury residents. This is based on their living in a rental unit and not on the lease.






Calls for Service November 2, 2011

A 54 year old Salem County resident was at headquarters for municipal court. It was learned he had  outstanding warrants from Washington Township. He was placed under arrest and later turned over to Washington Township Police Department.



A 57 year old Westville resident reported her wallet to be lost and/or stolen. The wallet was in the glove compartment of her vehicle.  The vehicle did not appear to have any damage or signs of forced entry.


Woodbury units were dispatched to a Morris Street residence for a possible domestic violence incident. Further investigation revealed this was not the case. All parties were negative for any outstanding warrants.


Officers responded to Bellia’s on N. Broad Street for a complaint of a counterfeit bill. Employees advised sometime in the past 24 hours a customer passed a counterfeit ten dollar bill. It could not be determined who may have committed this act. The counterfeit bill was retained by officers and logged into evidence.


Officers sent property maintenance violation letters to residents in the city. Follow up will be conducted in ten days.


Calls for Service November 1, 2011

A Dare Street resident contacted the police stating someone was looking in her windows. Officers made contact with a 21 year old Woodbury resident who stated he was looking in the rear yard for a stolen bicycle and not in the windows.  He was issued a summons for trespassing and released. He was advised not to return to the property.


Officers were dispatched to Woodlake Apartments for a possible domestic. On further investigation it was learned the 48 year old male was not on the lease. Both parties were issued a summons for occupant standard violations.


A 32 year old Woodbury resident contacted police regarding harassment from her ex-husband. Her domestic violence rights were explained to her. She was advised of the procedures to sign a complaint with the court clerk’s office.


Officers observed a 48 year old Woodbury resident scavenging through the trash in the area of Lupton Avenue and High Street. She was issued a municipal ordinance violation and advised she is not to go through the trash in front of houses.


The landlord of a rental unit on Morris Street was issued a summons for unregistered tenant violation. While reviewing the tenant list with the city, it was discovered an unregistered tenant has occupied the property since August. Messages left regarding this matter for the landlord have remained unanswered.


Officers were dispatched to Woodlake Apartments for a neighbor/harassment complaint. The caller was advised of the procedure to sign complaints with the court clerk’s office. She was advised to contact the police if there were any further problems.


Police observed a 24 year old Woodbury resident cross over S. Broad Street against the traffic signal creating a hazard for the motorists. The male identified himself and communications advised of an outstanding warrant for the subject. He was placed under arrest. The accused was turned over to Gloucester Township Police Department as he was unable to post bail.


Officers responded to DiScotto’s Pizza for a well being check on a female. The 42 year old Woodbury resident stated she was fine and had a friend with her for help. She left the premises and returned home.


Woodbury units responded to an East Barber Avenue residence for a domestic assault complaint. Both parties were placed under arrest, processed and released with their summonses.


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