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K-9 Unit

K-9 Unit
Admin Sgt. William Palese
Unit Supervisor
(856) 845-0065 ext. 16
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The members of the Woodbury City Police Department strive to provide a high level of service to the residents and business owners of the City. The police department is continuously looking to improve our level of training along with the purchasing of equipment necessary to maintain a standard of excellence. In our quest to improve our services, the Woodbury Police Department is in the process of establishing a Police canine unit. It is our belief the establishment of this unit would give us one more tool in our arsenal to fight, prevent, and solve crimes.

Canine officers and their partners have proven to be effective in locating contraband that may otherwise go undiscovered by the ordinary patrol officer. The canines the City plans to deploy will be trained to perform various duties. These duties will include but are not limited to tracking people ranging from a missing child to a wanted criminal, performing field searches, building and resident searches for people or discarded items and evidence, as well as serving as a deterrent to criminal behavior. The canine’s usefulness has been proven time and again as a welcome addition to many specialized units throughout the world.

In these days of tight municipal budgets, the Woodbury Police Department is respectfully requesting your help to raise the funds necessary to cover the cost involved with the purchase and training of a new police canine. Our goal is to fund the project without affecting the City’s tax rate or the department’s budget.  We would greatly appreciate any assistance that can help make this endeavor a reality. We strongly believe the addition of a police canine will add new abilities to the Woodbury Police Department allowing us to continue to increase our level of service to the City of Woodbury.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Any donations can be made payable to:
 Woodbury Police Association K9 unit
     200 N. Broad Street
     Woodbury, N.J. 08096
      Sgt. William Palese
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